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Eastern Railways – Eastern Railways Booking, Reservation, Time Table

June 5th, 2009 Comments off

Eastern Railway is a one of the important and crucial zone of the Indian Railways. Headquarter of Eastern Railways are situated at Fairley Place, Kolkata and it is consisted of four divisional headquarters including Howrah, Malda, Sealdah, and Asansol divisions.

Eastern RailwayEastern Railway Zone covers the area that stretches over 2414 km and name of each division refers to the city of location of divisional headquarter.

In 1854, the East Indian Railway (EIR) Company was established to link East India with Delhi and the first train ran on 15th August 1854 among the Howrah and Hooghly.  Eastern Railway came into existence on 14th April, 1952 during the restructuring and reorganization of Indian Railway.

The Eastern Railway of India was shaped including Howrah, Sealdah, Danapur and Asansol Divisions in conjunction with the entire West Bengal – Nagpur Railway. Later, some regions were alienated to create South Eastern Railway.  As a result of restructuring, Eastern Railway got stretched to cover 4245.61 km in 2002. Danapur and Mughalsarai were alienated from Eastern Railway on 1st October 2002 and clubbed into East Central Railway area.

The Eastern Railway has been the vital and essential part of Indian economy as it serves the thickly occupied areas and covers the mineral rich regions as well as belts prospering in agriculture and industries.  Jamalpur, Liluah and Kanchrapara represent the major workshops of Eastern Railways. One of the achievements of Eastern Railway includes the 25 KV AC traction electrification over the 1308 route km of Eastern Railway.

Eastern RailwayEastern Railway extends up to the Bangladesh border at Lalgola, Gede and Benapole in the East, Namkhana in the South, Kiul and Malda in the North, and Jhajha and Asansol in the West.  There are numerous express trains in Eastern Railways including the Rajdhani Express and various fast distance long trains.

Indian Railways Change of Name Rules

June 4th, 2009 Comments off

As per the rules of the Indian Railways if a passengers is holding the confirmed railway reservation then a berth or a seat is not transferable to other person and it is to be used by the same person. However Chief Reservation Supervisor of chief stations is allowed by Railway Administration to allow the change of name of a passenger holding the confirmed reservation in his name in few circumstances.

Rules for Change of NameIn case if the passenger is a Government Employee and he is going for duty and suitable authority, then he can make a apply for change of name in writing and he is required to apply 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure of trains

If  a passenger has made a request in writing 24 hours prior the scheduled train departure then reservation in his name can be transferred to an additional member of his family that may include Father, Mother, Sister, Son, Brother, Husband, Daughter, and Wife.

In case of passengers who are students of a standard educational institution and want to change the name then the Head of the institution is required to apply for it in writing 48 hours prior the scheduled train departure and then reservation can be transferred to an, that the reservation made in the name of any student be transferred to other student of the same institute.

Indian Railways Rules for Change of NameIn case where the passengers belong to a marriage party then head of the party is required to apply for the change of name in writing 48 hours prior the scheduled train departure then reservation made can be transferred to other member of the marriage party.

In case where the passengers belong to cadets of National Cadet Corps then head of the group needs to apply in writing at least 24 hours prior the train departure and reservation made can be transferred to any other cadet.


IRCTC Mobile Railway Reservation, Railway Reservation on Mobile

June 3rd, 2009 Comments off

Railway Reservation through IRCTCmobile is a facility for reserving the railways tickets using the one’s mobile phone. It is a unique and secure transaction solution that is present with in customer’s mobile phone.  It enables one to reserve railway tickets anytime and from anywhere.

Railway Reservation through IRCTCmobileThe IRCTCmobile possesses a striking and user-friendly interface which assists in effortless navigation and offers the capability of reserving the tickets in real time as well as store tickets details. The IRCTCmobile is regarded as the ideal ticketing solution for booking tickets.

Passenger seeking reservation needs to register themselves with IRCTC in order to use the IRCTCmobile or from the web site  One needs to visit the IRCTC website and enter one’s mobile number in the IRCTC web page.  Thereafter one will be registered automatically and is able to easily download and install IRCTCmobile on mobile phone which should bejava-enabled.  One can begin reserving railway tickets through one’s IRtering CTCmobile and payment can be done by credit card/ cash card.

There are certain requirements for using the IRCTCmobile like one need to be an IRCTC user, one should have a Java enabled mobile phone or a smart phone, one should have GPRS service activated on the mobile phone and possesses a credit card or cash card. However this facility does not work with CDMA mobile.

Railway Reservation through IRCTCmobileRailway ticket booking through IRCTCmobile works on all the GPRS plans provided by various mobile operators. One can now reserve the tickets without time and place limitation. Thus it provides improved convenience by offering real time and secures ticketing services.

Currently, railway ticketing is the only service offered through IRCTCmobile along with many features like one can register to IRCTC, book ticket, view details of booked ticket, view train route, view fare, view availability, view train details, maintain passenger list on IRCTCmobile as well as opt for fast booking option.

IRCTC Accommodation Classes – Accomodation Classes of Indian Railways

June 1st, 2009 Comments off

There are several accommodation classes available in interstate trains. The pricing systems for different classes differ for various amenities provided. The different amenities provided includes air-conditioned coaches, feather padded leather seats, meals, refreshment, etc.

Different types of accommodation classes are as follows:

Ac executive class(1) 1A The First class AC:  This is the costliest accommodation class. The fare of this class is in the similar range of airlines. Air conditioned sleeping accommodation along with bedding is provided and coaches are carpeted. Privacy for couples is included. It is available on popular routes between metropolitan cities and carries maximum 18 passengers.

(2) 2A AC-Two tier:  This class offers  Air conditioned coaches  along with sleeping berths, and individual reading lamps ,ample leg room and curtains. It can carry 48 passengers.

(3) FC   First class:  This class provides the same amenities as offered by 1AC, however without the air conditioning.

(4) 3A AC  three tier:  This class provides the air conditioned coaches along with sleeping berths. There are no reading lights and curtained off gangways are absent. It can carry 64 passengers.

(5) CC AC  Chair car:  This class offers an air-conditioned seater coach along with five seats in a row utilized during the day travel between cities.

(6) EC Executive class chair car:  This class comes with an air-conditioned seater coach along with four seats in a row utilized during the day travel between cities.

(7) SL Sleeper class:  This class is the most common coach and it usually includes ten attached coaches. It includes the regular sleeping coaches. It has three berths stacked vertically. It can carry 72 passengers per coach.

(8) 2S   Seater class:  This class provides the same amenities as given by AC Chair car, however without the air-conditioning.

Accommodation classes Ac(9) G or UR General or Unreserved:  This class forms the cheapest accommodation where in the seats are made of pressed wood which are hardly ever cushioned.  Entry into the compartment is guaranteed but no guarantee is given for sitting seat.  Tickets issued of this class are valid for all trains on the same route provided one board the train within 24 hours of purchasing the ticket.  Usually these coaches are very crowded.

Tatkal railway reservation

May 3rd, 2009 Comments off

TatKal Railway Reservation Scheme is a facility for emergency reservation in addition to the ordinary reservation. It can be made five days before the date of journey for those trains where it is admissible. These Tatkal reserved tickets cannot be cancelled or changed and additional fees need to be paid for it.

Indian RailwayTatkal Reservation bookings are permissible in all the classes excluding First AC and Executive class. However one cannot opt for Ladies and general quota along with Tatkal quota.  One can book the Tatkal reservation ticket over the internet.

In order to book online Tatkal reservation, one needs to select the Tatkal check box on the ‘Plan my travel’ page in addition to other details for reserving the Tatkal ticket.  However one need to ensure that Tatkal booking facility is available for the train one intends to use because the Tatkal quota is not available for certain tarins, class or locations.
There is no concession is permissible in Tatkal Booking. Extra charges for the Tatkal booking depend on the class of accommodation as well as the non peak and peak season. In case of trains and classes with mean utilization of 80% and more from April to September will be considered for uniform Tatkal charges as applied for the peak period.

Non peak season comprises of journey between 1st Feb. and 31st Mar and journey between 1st Aug. and 31st Aug.  Charges for 2 AC and 3 AC are Rs 200 and charges for AC CC and SL are Rs 75.

Peak season comprises of journey between 1st Apr. and 31st July as well as journey between 1st Sept. and 31st Jan. Charges for 2 AC and 3 AC are Rs 300 and charges for AC CC and SL are Rs 150.

Tatkal SchemeIn case of cancellation of Tatkal reservation tickets, a flat refund of 25% of total fare charged is granted and it excludes the Tatkal Charges.  Time limit for cancelling the Tatkal tickets is 24 hrs prior to the schedule departure of train.

In case, cancellation is done within 24 hours of scheduled departure of train, no refund is provided.  For waitlisted Tatkal ticket and contingent cancellation, the cancellations charges are applicable as per the existing Railway rules.

As per the Commercial Circular No. 27 of 2009, issued by Ministry of Railways, Government of India; the time limit has been reduced for Advance Resevation Period as applicable under Tatkal Scheme. It has been decided to decrease the Advance Reservation Period (ARP) from 05(five) days to 02 (two) days excluding the journey date under Tatkal Scheme w.e.f. 01.08.2009.

Tatkal reservation booking begins at 8 am on two days prior to actual date of journey and it excludes date of journey w.e.f. of 01-08-2009. For example in case a train leaving on 6th of any month, Tatkal Booking will open at 8 AM on 4th of that month.

In case of Tatkal Scheme, Identity proof is not a requisite to be produced by the passenger at the time of booking or during the travel. Time needed for the delivery of Tatkal tickets is the same as normal tickets and passengers seeking reservation needs to book their tickets two/three days in advance of journey date as to consider the time required for delivery.

Indian RailwayBooking of Tatkal tickets can be done only from source station to destination station. It can also be booked from remote station that possesses Tatkal quota to destination station having the facility of boarding from intermediate station.

In case of one needs to change the name on ticket, it is not permitted for bookings done under Tatkal scheme. The facility of Tatkal booking is available only till the time of preparation of charts. The time limit for the reason of yielding refunds & issuing TDRs for waitlisted tickets is same as applied for the refund of normal tickets.

Zonal railways have the rights of imposing restrictions on Tatkal booking considering the overall utilization of the available accommodation in the train. It may define the train as end-to-end or keep it free or impose distance restrictions etc

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