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Indian Railways, Cheapest Mode of Transport

January 8th, 2011 Comments off

Travelling is interesting, and will always be. Someone has rightly said that it is not the destination that is important; it is the journey that is more pleasurable. Indian railways are slowly and steadily turning out to be the lifeline of India, the fastest and the cheapest mode of communications. With increased services and facilities, railways have been scoring big time on the list of people.

One of the surveys conducted recently states that the maximum travel plans that happen in India are generally done through the Indian railways. Travelling by Indian railways has relatively become an easier job with the advent in the technology; you can sit in the luxuries of your house and gather all the information that is required for travelling.


Indian Railways – Cheapest Mode of Transport Traveling by Indian railways is considered the best because it provides us the cheapest form of transport. Look at the Mumbai Suburban trains itself, a journey which travelled by roadways could cost us way beyond 100 rupees will cost only 4 on the local trains; one can’t get anything cheaper than this. But still the railways are continuously striving to keep the cost reduced while the travelling.

The burden on people is distributed as quite a bit of the revenue for Indian railways comes through freight charges also. Over the years, the inflation has sky rocketed but the cost of the traveling by Indian railways has not undergone any big change.

In fact the Ministry of railways has come up with a lot of schemes like the Duronto’s and Garib Raths. The Duronto has made life easier for people who wish to travel between two important stations, these are nonstop trains and cost almost as that of a normal train. Secondly the Garib Raths, these are completely air conditioned trains that cost just half of the cost of a normal 3rd tier AC. Also the list of people those are eligible for discounts are on the rise completely.

For example, a senior citizen, a doctor, defense personnel, sports personnel, youth discounts, an unemployed person travelling for interview etc. There are concessions on fares for lot of things. With all these facilities and with the upgrade in the services, the other modes of transport are seriously facing a big time competition with the Indian railways.

Now that Indian railways have opened to portals to private operators like Makemytrip and cleartrip site, there are discounts available on that site too. The cost can reduce here in some cases, making the tickets cheaper than ever.

In railways the cheapest form of tickets comes in the form of normal chair class tickets. The normal 3 tier sleepers are costlier than the chair class and then the 3rd Ac, 2nd Ac and 1st AC in that order. Not many trains have 1st AC and 2nd AC. And now with the introduction of technology in railways checking of the fares at the luxuries of our house, this has become more comfortable. Travelling by Indian railways is very charming experience and with the fares not being hit by inflation it all the more has become alluring to travel in Indian railways.

Tatkal Scheme: A Railway Triumph

January 2nd, 2011 Comments off

Irctc Tatkal : How To Make IRCTC Tatkal Reservation

Railways have always come up with some innovative ways to stay in the game of profit making and one of the trump cards was the Tatkal scheme.

Tatkal Scheme

Tatkal Scheme: A Railway Triumph To give some information about the scheme, the scheme was launched in Indian railways for the all the classes. This scheme has undergone quiet a lot of changes but at present, the number of days prior to which a Tatkal can be booked has been reduced from 5 days to 2 days. A master stroke as people who had some urgent requirements, plus all those folks who missed getting their tickets through normal reservation would queue up for this and get the tickets booked. Of course the cost of the same would be higher than the average travel cost. The way it is done is, there are already seats reserved for VIP and army men before the booking starts 90 days prior to the date of travel. These seats if not filled are then opened up to the general populace. The Tatkal seats which are still left vacant goes to the normal public who are waitlisted with original cost.

To book Tatkal via IRCTC.

Ticket booking in India for railways has gone through a massive change. People are making rampant use of technology for booking up the tickets. The same applies to the Tatkal scheme as well. For getting tickets booked online through Tatkal tickets, one needs to log on to IRCTC. If this is your first time on IRCTC, then would suggest you to create a login ID and password a day prior to the day of Tatkal booking. The Tatkal booking starts exactly at 8:00 am, two days prior to the day of the travelling. So if you have travel plans on 16th, then the Tatkal window for this date opens on 14th. After logging on the site, click on plan my travel. Put in the details of the station code for both source as well as end destination. If you are not aware of the station codes, you can get the same from the Indian railways site or double click on the station icon next to the place where the name is to be entered. Once done select the date and the type as Tatkal. Once the details are filled in a list of trains appear on the screen, select the train and the class options and click on book.


After you click on the book icon, the page will be directed to booking options. In this particular page you need to write in the name, age and berth preferences. Once that is done click on make payment. On clicking on make payment, you will be directed to a list of banks. You can select on your bank of convenience and make payment online. If this process is done within 15 minutes of logging in, the chances are high that you will get a confirmed ticket else it could be waiting list. Tatkal tickets get booked very fast, and hence you need to be on your system at 8:00 am to get a confirmed ticket.

PNR : Easy Way to Check Tickets

January 2nd, 2011 Comments off

Travelling in India has changed drastically. With the advancement of technology, life has become easier. Speed, luxury has now taken over the minds of the people. One of the best ways to travel across the length and the breadth of the country is through railways. Railways reach the remotest part of the country and now with improved services, laymen like us have little things to crib about. With internet revolution on the rise getting the tickets booked online has also become an easy task.

Booking tickets

PNR : Easy Way to Check Tickets Gone are the days, when booking tickets was a task that one would not want to indulge in, however now we can do it sitting at the convenience of our home and with just a mouse click. Tickets for railways can be booked through reservation counters spread across the country or through online booking. More and more people from big cities and towns are sticking to online booking as it is very convenient to do so. But have you ever wondered that in a country like India where population is so high how many people at the same time must be trying to get the tickets done for the same train at the same date. Perplexed right as to how the whole system works?


The whole system works on one magic term – PNR. PNR, the abbreviation stands for Passenger Name Record. Railways rely on this number big time; this is the unique code that is available on a every ticket. No two tickets can have the same PNR number and most of the railways work is done using the PNR number. The minute you book the ticket, be it online or at any reservation counter the ticket that is booked will have a specific number tagged to it. This number helps the passenger to connect with the railways in case of any dues and refunds.

How to check using PNR

Many a times when the tickets are booked, depending upon the availability of the tickets your status is decided. If there are already seats available then you have a confirmed ticket. However if your tickets are not confirmed and the status is RAC (Reservation against cancellation) or Waiting list, then the PNR will help you to track the current status of your ticket. For checking using PNR number, all you need to do is go to site and select on PNR status. Type in the PNR number and find out the current status. The status will be displayed on the screen. The most up to date information that you can get about the PNR is once the chart has been put up, that is exactly 3 hours before the train is scheduled to depart from the source station. With a PNR number, it is like searching your details amongst a lakh other people. Now a day, checking of ticket status is also possible by sending the PNR details using a mobile phone.

So if you look at it, the complex Indian railway system has become easier just with a help of a 10 digit number.

Online Booking: Reservation Done Easy for Railways

January 1st, 2011 Comments off

A few decades ago, when the summer used to dawn on average middle class families, the biggest task was to get a holiday tickets done for the vacations. People used to stand in queues to get the tickets booked, and many a times which would mean coming a couple of hours before the reservation counter is thrown open. Gone are those days now, with the introduction of internet, booking tickets to any part of the country has become a relatively easier task.


There are few things that you need to decide before booking of the tickets namely the destination of travel and the date. Once you have decided on these two things, the search for the train and availability becomes an easier task. To make train ticket booking, Indian railways had come up with their website This will provide you with a comprehensive list of trains, the time taken, the distance covered, the fare and the stations in between the source and the arrival destination.

Signing up

Online Booking: Reservation Done Easy for Railways Once you have decided on the train, the class which you are planning to travel and the date, you need to click on the link internet reservation. This link will direct to another site This site will help you book your tickets online without any hassles. For someone who is trying to book it online first time, you may need to sign up at this site. This would require details like a username, password and few other personal details. It is always recommended to sign up as this username and password can be used for further bookings as well.

Online Reservation

Once you are through with signing up, you require clicking on “Plan my travel”. Once that is done, you need to specify the station code for the “from” and “to” destination. Station codes are generally available on double clicking the station details. Select the date and the type of ticket. The tickets are i-tickets, e-tickets and Tatkal. The difference between the three is in E-ticket, you get a print out of the ticket from the site itself. In I-ticket, the tickets are delivered at the address mentioned by you. And Tatkal is generally open to the public only two days before the actual journey. Ideally you can book tickets 90 days prior to the journey.

Booking tickets

Once the station, the date and the form of tickets are specified you are directed to another page which gives you the option of the trains and the seats available in each of the trains. Select the train, and click on book ticket. You will be directed to another page where in you will need to specify the names of the people who are planning the travel. Once done you will need to make the payment. Depending upon the current availability, your tickets will be booked. Once booked, all you need is the printout of the ticket and you are ready to travel.

Travelling in India has its own charm and beauty, and when the journey is by train it become all the more enjoyable.

Train Reservation: An Easy Way to Travel the County

January 1st, 2011 Comments off

We all know that as per statistics India stands as the 7th largest country in the world. To travel across the breadth and length of the country is difficult. The locations are remote, the terrain is difficult and to add to it the distance covered is long. However; thankfully to the reach of Indian railways this task has become possible.

Indian railways, as we all know are one of the largest in the world. All you need to travel using this complex system of railways is a train ticket. With this in our hand, you can almost conquer the remotest part of India. A couple of decades ago getting a train reservation would mean almost going through a sleepless night, but however now with the advancement of technology this can be gained with the click of the mouse .

Let’s go through the steps of train reservation:-

Train Reservation · For reservation the first task is to get the destination of travel. Then you need to get information on the trains travelling to that place. You can either get it at the booking counter or now the country is net savvy we can use the site This site is the Bible of the Indian railways and contains comprehensive list of the trains, the seats available, the route of the train and the fare charged for various classes of tickets. This site is very user friendly and would get you the necessary information required. This site will give you only the details that you need, to book a tickets there is another railway site

· To get your tickets booked, all the information that you need is the train that you are travelling in, the number of tickets required, the date on which the travel is expected and the class that you prefer to travel by. The class here would be typically chair car, sleeper class, Second AC and third AC. There are few trains which offer first class services.

· Once all the details are filled in the form given by the railways, all you need to do is present it at the booking counter. For all those trying to access this online one can fill in the same details in the IRCTC website and pay online.

· Depending upon the availability you will be placed in these categories namely Confirmed, RAC (Reservation against cancellation), W/L (waiting list). A unique number will be tagged in your ticket – PNR number and this will be used for any further queries by the passenger. If the tickets are confirmed the passenger can sit back and relax, while if it is an RAC or W/L the passenger may need to check the status before the date of travel.

· Beyond this, if a passenger has some immediate travel plans and there are no tickets available then he can use the Tatkal services. Here all you need to do is book the tickets just two days in advance. These are seats typically reserved for VIPs, army personnel which are then thrown open to public.

With these details one would really say that getting a train reservation has become really easy in India.

Indian Railway Site – Indian

January 1st, 2011 Comments off

Remember, how a decade and half ago, when the holiday season stuck, people used to form queues and get their reservation done. And many a times they had to return disappointed as the tickets for that would already be booked or be wait listed. Well there are still people in villages and remote areas who still follow the same procedure. But places where the use of technology is available people sit in their homes, open the Indian railways site and check all the details that they are required to know. And this section of the people is steadily growing on an astounding rate.

The website

Indian Railway Site The minute the internet revolution started in India, the railways got their act correctly and build up, on what can easily be described as the Bible of Indian railways. This site probably gives information on every single thing that you want to know about Indian railways. In fact according to the statistics the Indian railway site is one of the most visited and used site for booking of tickets and checking of other travel plans.


As said earlier, this site gives us a comprehensive listing of all the trains, the type of trains, fare details and the route taken. Some of the services supported by this site are the details of ticket availability at 100 most important stations. It also gives the train schedule for people who are interested in this information. Tatkal information is also one of the services provided by the website, where in you get complete details of the charges expected and what are the conditions of traveling Tatkal. Apart from these it also provides us with information on SMS services and availability of birth in trains.


Apart from services, they also provide information on the status of train running as in whether it is running behind schedule or on time. Information of trains based on the types namely Rajdhani, the express trains, the mail trains, the Duronto’s and the Garib Rath. In case if you are booking a ticket and you aren’t aware of the station code, you will get a whole list stating the same on the website. More information is provided on the sites about the trains and of other websites which belong to the railways itself. These are few of the contents / Service and information that are provided on the railways website, however; the real use of the site is for the quick links it provides.

Quick links

One of the most important details of this railway website is the checking of PNR status. The maximum hit the site gains are because of this link. Key in your PNR number and you get the status of your tickets. Apart from that it also provides quick links on the different trains available between stations, all you need is type in the station code and the list of trains are ready. It also provides quick links on availability status and fare details. And in case if you need to do an internet reservation, the link takes you straight to IRCTC site.

So in short, your complete travel plan can be done using this site.

Season Ticket Monthly Booking, Online Booking – Season Ticket Fares

August 13th, 2009 Comments off

Indian Railways also offers the facility of the season tickets and it is provided for the first class (FC) and second (2S) classes of travel. Various types of season tickets available through Internet include Quarterly and monthly season tickets.  Charges for the Quaterly season ticket are applied at 2.7 times of the fare of normal season ticket which is rounded off to the subsequent higher multiple of Rs 5.

Indian Railway Reservation Season TicketCurrently season ticket booking through internet is not applicable for child/student/other concessional tickets. It is permissible only for Adult passengers. One needs to visit the IRCTC website to locate the station codes for various stations. Customer is required to select the source as well as destination stations from the dropdown list provided on webpage. Station names in addition to the station codes are listed in the drop down menu box.

In order to exercise the internet railway reservation facility, one needs to get registered online by completing the personal details and submitting the Registration Form on web site.  One is required to select the Mumbai suburban season ticket facility during the registration process in order to book season tickets via

No extra charges need to pay for the internet booking of season tickets and service charges for all the classes is Nil. Currently one cannot modify the details of the ticket through this site. Tickets are delivered to the customer by courier at the specified address.  There are limited places where the delivery of season ticket can be made through courier

Railway Reservation TicketOne should book the season tickets two or three calendar days in advance from the date of journey so that they can be delivered in time by the courier. One can track the delivery status of the ticket by submitting the STR No in the place “Track Your Ticket” on the website. In addition to that one can also contact the local courier office using the address / phone numbers provided on website.

Northern Indian Railway Routes, Time Table, PNR

August 12th, 2009 Comments off

Northern Railway Zone offers the facility of online reservation to its passengers where in they can book their tickets in advance for the various

Northern Railway station

destinations. In addition to the online reservation, passengers can book their tickets from various reservation offices of Northern Railways and through various authorized travel agents.

Details of the reservation of trains plying though northern railway zone can be obtained by using the following phone numbers at the various stations of this zone.


Reservation Enquiry

IVRS Arr/Dep of trains

IVRS Reservation Status

































Delhi Area


1330 & 1335

1330 & 1335




624002, 622131



1335, 426477-80

1335, 426477 – 80



1335, 35048

1335, 35048





Jalandhar City




Jammu TaviI














1332, 1332

1330, 1335





Meert City





410131, 413152

325707 – 325710, 1335

325707 – 325710, 1335

Northern RailwayNorthern Railway offers the facilities of the AC & NON AC Retiring Rooms and Dormitories at several important stations that can be booked on the basis of “first come first serve” by making the payment of prescribed charges. These act as the transit accommodation for passengers.

In order to avail this facility one should be having a valid ticket for an inward/outward journey as well as one should be entitled to apply for the utilizing of the Retiring rooms and Dormitory beds.  One may ask for the application forms from the station Managers and Matron of the Retiring room Dormitories.

Northern Indian Railways Reservation, Northern Indian Railways Booking, Enquiry, Fares

August 11th, 2009 Comments off

North Western Railway Zone offers the facility of online railway reservation to its passengers where in they can book their tickets in advance for the various North Western Railway Zone Reservationdestinations. In addition to the online reservation, passengers can book their tickets from various reservation offices of North Western Railways and through various authorized travel agents.

Details of the reservation of trains plying though North Western railway zone can be obtained by using the following phone numbers at the various stations of this zone.


Reservation Enquiry

Arr/Dep of trains





135 / 3623735








































North Western Railway zone provides the range of facilities including Medical Shop, Tourist Information Centre, STD/PCO, Computer reservation centre, Retiring room, waiting room, book stall, refreshment both Veg and Non Veg.

North West TrainThe North Western Railway has organized in total Nine Standard Circular Journey tickets. These standard circular journey tickets eradicate the trouble of purchasing fresh tickets at every point of the travel. One needs to select a tour and purchase ticket directly from the booking office at the Ajmer and Jaipur stations.

The Station Managers of the few significant stations have been granted exceptional discretionary powers to allow refund on tickets which remain unused from their stations where refund is not permitted at the station because the time limits of expiry as mentioned in the railways policy. Names of these stations include Ajmer, Churu, Bikaner, Jodnpur, Rewari, Lalgarh, Udaipur City, Chitorgarh, Bhiwani, etc

Western Railways Reservation- Western Indian Railways Booking, Enquiry, Fares

July 30th, 2009 Comments off

Western Railway Zone offers the facility of online reservation to its passengers where in they can book their tickets in advance for the various Western Railway Reservationdestinations. In addition to the online railway reservation, passengers can book their tickets from various reservation offices of western Railways and through various authorized travel agents.

Details of the reservation of the trains running through Western railway zone can be obtained by using the following phone numbers at the various stations of this zone.


Reservation Enquiry

Arr/Dep of trains













































The Western Railway has organized in total Sixty Six Standard Circular Journey tickets. These standard circular journey tickets eradicate the trouble of purchasing fresh tickets at every point of the travel. One needs to select a tour and purchase ticket directly from the booking office at the Ahmedabad, Mumbai Central, Bhavnagar, Indore, Surat, Vadodara stations, etc.

Western RailwayThe Station Managers of the few significant stations have been granted exceptional discretionary powers to allow refund on tickets which remain unused from their stations where refund is not permitted at the station because the time limits of expiry as mentioned in the railways policy. Names of these stations include Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar, Indore, etc

Tourist spots covered by the Western Railways includes Rarnetkar in Rajkot division, Mandu, Ujjain, Chittorgarh , Indore in Ratlam division, Ahmedabad, Sankheda, Dakor , Pavagarh in Vadodara  division, Somnath, Junagarh, Palitana in Bhavnagar Division, Daman, Dadra & Nagar Haveli, Vasai, Borivali and Churchgate in Mumbai Central division.

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