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Eastern Railway is a one of the important and crucial zone of the Indian Railways. Headquarter of Eastern Railways are situated at Fairley Place, Kolkata and it is consisted of four divisional headquarters including Howrah, Malda, Sealdah, and Asansol divisions.

Eastern RailwayEastern Railway Zone covers the area that stretches over 2414 km and name of each division refers to the city of location of divisional headquarter.

In 1854, the East Indian Railway (EIR) Company was established to link East India with Delhi and the first train ran on 15th August 1854 among the Howrah and Hooghly.  Eastern Railway came into existence on 14th April, 1952 during the restructuring and reorganization of Indian Railway.

The Eastern Railway of India was shaped including Howrah, Sealdah, Danapur and Asansol Divisions in conjunction with the entire West Bengal – Nagpur Railway. Later, some regions were alienated to create South Eastern Railway.  As a result of restructuring, Eastern Railway got stretched to cover 4245.61 km in 2002. Danapur and Mughalsarai were alienated from Eastern Railway on 1st October 2002 and clubbed into East Central Railway area.

The Eastern Railway has been the vital and essential part of Indian economy as it serves the thickly occupied areas and covers the mineral rich regions as well as belts prospering in agriculture and industries.  Jamalpur, Liluah and Kanchrapara represent the major workshops of Eastern Railways. One of the achievements of Eastern Railway includes the 25 KV AC traction electrification over the 1308 route km of Eastern Railway.

Eastern RailwayEastern Railway extends up to the Bangladesh border at Lalgola, Gede and Benapole in the East, Namkhana in the South, Kiul and Malda in the North, and Jhajha and Asansol in the West.  There are numerous express trains in Eastern Railways including the Rajdhani Express and various fast distance long trains.

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