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Most of us in India must have travelled using the Indian railways by now. And almost 90% of us would have come out with good responses. The charm, the services, the route, the culture, and the landscape everything would be different. In fact they say that in India, culture, landscape and language change every 50 Kms, which most of us would agree. The train travel is an adventure in itself, as you get to meet different people of different culture and region and get to learn and imbibe a lot of things from there. But since the railways started there are certain spots where there has been a great influx of people and there have been places from where there has been mass exodus of people, and this forms the most famous routes of India. Let’s look at few of the routes like this.

Famous Travel Routes of India 1) Mumbai to Delhi route – this is one of the most traffic generating route, from the financial capital of the country to the political capital of the entry there are many trains plying on this route. In fact if you have a look at the Indian railways site, one would realize that the default locations on the to and from route are Mumbai and Delhi. Such is the popularity of this route that there are more than 9 trains travel this route on a daily basis, apart from the 4 other trains which run at least 3 times a week.

2) Konkan Railways – This part of the railways started only a decade and few years back, but since then the traffic in this route has touched maddening proportions. Before this there were no rail routes which covered the coastal side on the western side of the country. People would have to get down somewhere in between and then travel roadways and the time taken to cover the distance was very high. But now with the introduction of Konkan railways travel to places like Kerala has reduced by almost 10-12 hours. It touches coastal Maharashtra, Goa, Coastal Karnataka and the whole state of Kerala. This is also turning out to be one of the few zones where the maximum income is gained from people. Also the whole journey is very picturesque and very beautiful.

3) Rajdhani Express – Rajdhani were introduced with the sole purpose of connecting country capital and state capitals with each other. One of the prestigious trains, the facilities offered in the train are enough for people travelling in it once to come back again to get the same services. Though cost wise, this can be a bit expensive but the time taken by the Rajdhani is lesser than the other trains that ply on the same track. Rajdhani are one of the most sort after trains, for any route and you will always see the bookings as full for these trains.

There are many other routes which are popular apart from these trains, the Shatabdi, The Duronto’s, the route taken by the Garib Rath and others too. Looking at the popular route, one can make out that railways have come out tops in all these.

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