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Most of the Indians would agree if asked how they wish to get their journey done. Pat, the answer would be Indian railways. The railway network in India is the fourth largest in the whole world and is only behind US, Russia and China. Biggest advantage of travelling in Railways is, it s one of the cheapest mode of communication and India has a huge middle class population who would still like to travel cheap. And with internet revolution on the rise speed and luxury has taken over the mind of the people and with railways one can actually travel the whole country.

Indian railway website

Timings of Indian Railways Those days are over, when booking tickets was a task that one would not want to even think about, however now that we can do this by sitting at the luxuries of our home and with just a mouse click, most of us get the travel plan done by ourselves. You can get information about these things on a single site namely the www.indiangov.rail.co.in. This site has been introduced more than a decade back and has been used extensively by the tech savvy people across the country. This site offer services which we cannot even think of a decade back.

To know the train times and fares

Well, once your vacation plans has been discussed and frozen, the one thing that you need to do is plan your travel. Once this task gets sorted most of the other things will fall in line. To get the travel plan, you need to decide on your mode of transport. And if it is Indian railways, then your first skip should be on the railways website. This is like the Bible of Indian railways; you will find everything under this single site. The first thing is you need to find the trains, check the timings of the train whether it suits you and then check for the fares depending upon the class you wish to travel by. For this thing, you can actually go to the site, select the quick link train between stations. On clicking a new page opens up with details like the source station, the destination station ( both are station codes ), the class you would prefer to travel by, the date on which travel is expected , any preferences on departure and arrival time, and the train type.

The train type would typically mean Rajdhani, special, mails, express, super fast etc. Once all the details are updated, click on get details. On clicking a new page displays up with a plethora of trains and information below which states get schedule, get fare and get availability. Select the train and the class and click on the information that you want to avail of get schedule will get you the train timings and the schedule, get fare will provide you with fare details and get availability will provide you with the seats available. Further navigation can be done by you to get more details.

Be it fare checking, train timings, berth availability you get all in this one big Indian railway website.

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