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Travelling by Indian railways always had its own charm and beauty. And over the years if you noticed you must have realized that the services and the facilities provided by the railways have increased manifold. Lot of these can be attributed because of severe competitions amongst the private operators in other sources of transport. This has kept the railways on the toes and they have come with lot of features.

One of the important services launched by the railways in the last decade or so was the availability of website. Indian railways launched lots of website which has been useful for all the masses for tickets booking, train checking and other things.

Fare Updates

Fare Details on Indian Railways With the site launch, all the details of railways are found at the comfort of our houses. And one thing that a frequent traveler generally looks out for is the Railway budget. Every February, when the railway minister takes the dais to share the railway budget, most of us wait with bated breath to find out the better things in the budget.

One of the key things which people generally are interested in hearing is the changes in the fare of trains, or introduction of new trains or any other new services in Indian railways. So most of the time, a commoner comes to know about the fare updates during the time of the budget in the newspapers or through television channels. For those who are generally not in touch with the outside world with regards to these things, Railways have their own site where they generally put up this information.Watch The Asian Connection (2016) Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

To know the real time fare, one can actually log into the Indian railways site namely www.indianrail.gov.in and refer to the quick link called the fare enquiry. On clicking on that link you are taken to a new page where in you will need to put in few details. Type in the train number, the day and month in which you are planning to travel, the source station code and the destination station code, the class, the age of the passenger and concession if any.

Once all the details are written and updated click on get fare. This will give you the exact pricing on that day of the year. The date needs to be specified as some initiatives may take place only after a stipulated period of time. The age of the passenger will determine the exact cost, for example a passenger with age less than 5 has no charge, and senior citizen is charged at a discounted rate.

Similarly even for concessions, they are lot of concession a civilian can avail of. Hence it is always better if we can check all these details before we go for a train booking. So as you see get updated information in Indian railways is a very easy task, you can use the similar procedure in IRCTC too to get an update on fare for travel. You just need to know how to navigate through the site. Navigation is also easy as most of the things are self explanatory.

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