Indian Railway E-Ticket

The conception of e-ticketing is rising with the growing technology and fast moving world. Majority of the people today prefer e-tickets because it saves time that earlier people used to waste by standing in long queues and just a print out can be used as a ticket. All you need to have is a printer and an identification proof. That single piece of paper can help you plan your journey comfortably. Even when you misplace the print out you can have another copy of the same without paying any additional charges for issue of a duplicate ticket. In case if you don’t have a printer you can always access the same from cyber cafes.

E Ticket is an electronic version of the conventional paper ticket and can be booked online 60 days in advance of the journey date. The passengers take a print out of the confirmed ticket and carry the same piece of paper and a photo identity proof when boarding the train. This ticket is treated as a valid authority that permits a passenger to enter the railway premises without requiring the regular railway ticket. The print out is a replacement of the ticket itself so if you forget the print out then you are charged a penalty of Rs 50.

To book an e-ticket, you need to first register yourself for free with the government website This website is the official site for online booking and checking the status of the running trains as well as availability of the wait listed tickets.

For registration choose a user name and password that you can remember. You need to use the same user name and password for future log in. once you log in; you’ll see a column, “plan my travel and book my ticket”. In that column insert the codes of originating station and the destination. Thereafter choose the journey date, class of accommodation and the type of ticket you want. For e-ticket select the option and click on ‘go’. A list of available trains running between the origination station and the destination city is displayed on the website. Select the train you wish to travel in and check the availability status of that particular train. Then click on ‘book ticket’. You can also choose the berth you wish to accommodate. Fill in the train number, passenger details and the type of birth you want and then click on ‘make payment’. A drop down column will appear for choosing among various means of payment. Click on any one of then and make the payment ensuring the security of your transaction. After successful transaction a confirmation message appears on the screen and then you can take the print out of the ticket. IRCTC also send a confirmation message to your mailbox.

Not only reservation even cancellation can be made online. For canceling a particular ticket you again have to visit the website and log in with your user name and password. Click on ‘booked tickets’ and select the ticket to be cancelled. After complete transaction the amount is credited back to the respective account. Make sure that you cancel the ticket before the preparation of the reservation chart.

Booking an e-ticket is very simple and the most growing mode of making railway reservation.

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