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Indian Railway provides the facility of the online reservation where in railway reservation seeking passengers can reserve the tickets online over the internet.  Passengers require the computer with internet access as well as mode of online payment to reserve the tickets. This has made life easy and comfortable for the passengers as they can get their reservation done from the comfort of their home. It’s a great relief for those who do not have time to stand in the long queue at the railway counters.

Indian Railway Online ReservationIn order to reserve the tickets online, passengers need to visit the following website of the Indian Railways Online reservation.   It is hugely popularized website that not only offers the facility for online reservation of tickets but also, provides the plethora of information regarding the railways for the passengers.

Passengers can now enquire the status of a wait listed ticket, enquire about the details of trains like its route, originating and destination stations, its class, its fare in various classes, etc., details regarding the train time table and the availability status live at that particular moment.  One can get all these benefits by using online internet railways reservation website.

Online reservation is regarded as the easiest and trustworthy mode of reserving tickets. All one require is access to a computer with internet connection and should have an online mode of making payment like a debit or a credit card. There is a list of banks cited on the page of IRCTC website.  If passenger has bank account that is listed on railway website then the payment is made instantly using the debit or credit card.

Indian Railway Online ReservationOnline reservation website registers at least a million hits every day. It provides lots of user friendly features.  There are agents available who does the job of reserving the tickets online. If one does not have a access to computer with net connection or online mode of payment like debit card/credit card, then one can approach these agents who will book the ticket by charging nominal fees from the passengers.

Sify Iway cyber cafés provides such facility of reserving the ticket by making cash payment. State Bank of India offers the railway card which is a useful for reserving the tickets. Similar to SBI, Federal Bank and IRCTC have collaborated with each other to offer the service of online railway ticket booking using the Fed Net principle. One can get the tickets delivered for free at home and the reservation charges are debited directly from the Federal Bank Account.

Shubh Yatra is a feature provided to the persons travelling by d AC 2nd Class and above and who uses railway frequently.

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