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Travelling is interesting, and will always be. Someone has rightly said that it is not the destination that is important; it is the journey that is more pleasurable. Indian railways are slowly and steadily turning out to be the lifeline of India, the fastest and the cheapest mode of communications. With increased services and facilities, railways have been scoring big time on the list of people.

One of the surveys conducted recently states that the maximum travel plans that happen in India are generally done through the Indian railways. Travelling by Indian railways has relatively become an easier job with the advent in the technology; you can sit in the luxuries of your house and gather all the information that is required for travelling.


Indian Railways – Cheapest Mode of Transport Traveling by Indian railways is considered the best because it provides us the cheapest form of transport. Look at the Mumbai Suburban trains itself, a journey which travelled by roadways could cost us way beyond 100 rupees will cost only 4 on the local trains; one can’t get anything cheaper than this. But still the railways are continuously striving to keep the cost reduced while the travelling.

The burden on people is distributed as quite a bit of the revenue for Indian railways comes through freight charges also. Over the years, the inflation has sky rocketed but the cost of the traveling by Indian railways has not undergone any big change.

In fact the Ministry of railways has come up with a lot of schemes like the Duronto’s and Garib Raths. The Duronto has made life easier for people who wish to travel between two important stations, these are nonstop trains and cost almost as that of a normal train. Secondly the Garib Raths, these are completely air conditioned trains that cost just half of the cost of a normal 3rd tier AC. Also the list of people those are eligible for discounts are on the rise completely.

For example, a senior citizen, a doctor, defense personnel, sports personnel, youth discounts, an unemployed person travelling for interview etc. There are concessions on fares for lot of things. With all these facilities and with the upgrade in the services, the other modes of transport are seriously facing a big time competition with the Indian railways.

Now that Indian railways have opened to portals to private operators like Makemytrip and cleartrip site, there are discounts available on that site too. The cost can reduce here in some cases, making the tickets cheaper than ever.

In railways the cheapest form of tickets comes in the form of normal chair class tickets. The normal 3 tier sleepers are costlier than the chair class and then the 3rd Ac, 2nd Ac and 1st AC in that order. Not many trains have 1st AC and 2nd AC. And now with the introduction of technology in railways checking of the fares at the luxuries of our house, this has become more comfortable. Travelling by Indian railways is very charming experience and with the fares not being hit by inflation it all the more has become alluring to travel in Indian railways.

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