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Indian Railways offers the facility of booking Circular Journey Tickets for those passengers who love to go on a sightseeing or pilgrimage at various places. These tickets are primarily meant for providing the flexibility in travel as they are issued for all journeys excluding regular journey which start and finish at the same station.

Journey Tickets Circular journey Tickets can be bought for all the classes of accommodation. They offer the maximum of eight break journeys on these tickets and in addition to that Zonal Railways also provide the standard Circular Journey Tickets that are designed to cover famous tourist destinations.  Each Zonal Railway also provides the details route, fare etc.

There are two options available for the persons who want to avail Circular Journey Ticket. One is to buy the tickets directly which covers the standard routes and other is to inform the Zonal Railways regarding the itihen tickets can be designed to suit one specific reqnerary and tuirement.

There are various benefits of booking a Circular Journey Ticket like getting the tickets at lower rates than regular fare, saving time and saving the inconvenience of booking tickets at each station during journey.

One needs to contact the Divisional Commercial Manager of the concerned station   submit the itinerary and then DCM will calculate the costs of journey and inform the station manager in a prescribed form.  One can buy Circular Journey Tickets by submitting this at the Booking Office of the starting station.

Journey TicketsOne needs to reserve the seats/berths after buying the Circular Journey Tickets at the Railway Reservation office so that the accommodation is reserved for different laps of the journey. Then one will receive the booked journey ticket for the journey.

In case of Senior citizens there is 30% concession on the cost of the Circular Journey Tickets is granted provided they travel the minimum distance of 1000 kms.

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