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Indian Railways Seat Availibility, Irctc Seat Availibility for trains between two stations :

One can easily get the Indian Railways Reservation status of the ticket from the details provided in the ticket. It is clearly indicated and printed on the ticket. In case of the confirmed ticket, the coach and berth numbers are mentioned on the ticket in all classes except first class and AC first class. In these classes, the word “Confirmed” is printed alongside the class of travel.

If the ticket status is showing as RAC (Reservation Against Cancellation) or as a Waitlisted status, then it is printed on the ticket.  One can reserve the tickets up to 60 days in advance excluding the journey date at the originating station of train.  In case of the intermediate stations where the trains disembark the next day, reservation can be done up to 61 days in advance.   However, the no of days of booking the tickets in advance is less in intercity day express trains.

One can board the train with Reservation Against Cancellation (RAC) ticket and it means that initially one will be offered a sitting accommodation and later on a berth is allotted if any passenger does not turn up for travel.

Indian Railways Reservation StatusIn case of passenger who gets the Waitlisted ticket, one needs to check the status of ticket prior to board the train.  If the status of the Waitlisted ticket is not confirmed or upgraded to RAC, then it is advised that passenger should not board the reserved coaches.  One may be fined and detrained if found to be in reserved coaches with waitlisted tickets.

One may upgrade the tickets from the lower class to higher class for the same train and date; however it is subjected to the availability of accommodation in higher class.  This upgrading of class of accommodation can be done only after the collection of fresh reservation charges and the difference of the fares between the two classes.  It may also be done during the course of journey by contacting the Travelling Ticket Examiner.

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