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General Conditions:

From 1st September 2001 onwards, Senior citizens are granted a 30% concession on their reserved tickets only if they demand it and is not applied by default.  While completing the Railway Reservation requisition form, one needs to specify the demand for concession. Senior Citizens who have sought the concession on the reserved tickets should carry documentary proof of their date of birth.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Indian Railways ReservationsBerths will be allotted to the passengers with confirmed reservation at the time of booking where in the coach and berth numbers are mentioned on the ticket itself, except for first class ACC and first class coaches. In case of first ACC and first class, compartment and coaches are allotted during the time of chart preparation.

In case of Reservation against cancellation (R.A.C), passengers are provided with reserved sitting accommodation as they board the train and are likely to receive the berth due to last minute cancellation of reserved tickets.  In case of waitlisted passengers, the entry is not allowed in the reserved coaches.

A reserved ticket can be cancelled even after the departure of the train. In this case the 50% of the amount paid is refunded to the passenger.  However in case of cancellation of the waitlisted ticket, no cancellation fee is charged provided ticket is cancelled well in advance.

Apart from ordinary reservation, there is a facility for emergency reservation known as “TATKAL Reservation”.  This reservation can be made five days before the date of journey for those trains where it is admissible. These Tatkal reserved tickets cannot be cancelled or changed and additional fees need to be paid for it.

The time limit for accepting the reservation requests at the reservation counters is up to 4 hours prior to the scheduled departure of the train.  Subsequent to which, the reservation will takes place  at the current station counters  up to one hour prior to the scheduled departure of the train. This is followed by the reservation by Ticket Collector on the platform provided vacant berths are available.

Indian Railways ReservationsAdvance Ticket bookings can be done for the passengers who are looking to go for sightseeing and pilgrimage trips. Reservations can be done for all classes provided the journey starts and finish at the same station. Maximum eight break journeys are admissible and the journey needs to be finished within the validity period.

There is special reservation provided by the Indian Railways for those passengers who travel in groups. Indian Railways offers the facility of online reservations where one can reserve the ticket online, check the availability, get the fares, get the details of the train and its timings, etc.

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