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Indian Railways offers the facility of break journey for those passengers who hold the single journey tickets for distance of over 500kms.  These passengers are permitted to break journey only once for maximum of two days at any station en-route. In order to avail this facility, one needs to travel 500 Kms from the starting station.

Break JourneyIn case the ticket is for over 1000Kms, then the passenger is permitted to break the journey twice at any station en route. For calculating the number of days for first break of journey, day of arrival and departure are excluded.  It is mandatory in any case to get the ticket endorsed by the station manager /ticket collector at the en route station where the break journey is planned.

Break journey facility is not offered for Rajdhani/Shatbadi/Jan shatbadi express trains. Passenger need to intimate regarding the break journey details at the time of original booking.  Two break journeys allowed for passengers travelling over 1000 Kms according to their choice for the maximum period of two days at each station en route of break of journey.

For example if a passenger holding the ticket of single journey for 600 kms is allowed once to break journey for the period of two days once he covered the distance of over 500 kms. In case a passenger has single journey ticket of 2000 Kms he is permitted to break journey twice after travelling the distance of 500 Kms from starting station.

Rules of Break JourneyIn cases where a passenger detrains at a station en-route in order to catch a connecting train, it is not regarded as a break journey considering the halt remains less than 24 hours.  Ticket endorsement should include the Station Master’s Initials, date and Station Code.  Also passengers opting for breaking their journey except as mentioned above are required to surrender their tickets at the station where they break their journey.

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