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We have all travelled using Indian railways on different occasions. However what impresses us it that over the years railways have changed a lot. They have become a lot customer oriented, their services are upgraded and they strive to do things so that they can remain in the competition. But however; due to its reach, Indian railways still own the monopoly of being the network used by most of the Indians for travel. Railways has made everything convenient for us now, including the two websites that the offer namely the and

The Websites

Indian Railways – Seat Availability One of the major tasks involved is getting the tickets done. Most of us, if travelling for the first to a particular place using the Indian railways, would not know the trains available, the seat availability in it and for that matter even the fare details. You can get information about these things on a single site namely the This site has been a introduced more than a decade back and has been the backbone of increasing number of tech savvy people in the country. This site provides a comprehensive list of the details that you are looking for with reference to the railways.

To check seat availability.

To go anywhere the first thing you require is to check whether the seats are available for the train where you are likely to commence your journey from. For this all you need to do is go to the Indian railways site namely , click on the quick link that for seat availability. On clicking on that a page displays which will show you the details of train number, the journey date and the start and the destination station codes. You will also need to fill in the details of which class of tickets you are looking for along with the quota, once all the information are put up check on click availability. This can be continued for different dates and different class. However; in case one isn’t aware of the station code and the train number, one can click on the check station codes below. There you can fill the to and from destination, the date and also specify the time you are looking for to go. Once the details are typed, including the time preference a list of trains appear on the screen. All that needs to done here is click on the trains which is most suitable and most comfortable for the traveler and get the seats available for the train. In case if there are no seats available for this train, this exercise can be repeated with some other train.

Once the train and other travel plans and the seat availability is looked after you can proceed to the irctc site to get the bookings done for the particular train. In the Indian railways main page itself on quick links, you will find Internet reservation; this site will directly take you to

Ticket booking and checking for seats was never so easier and that too sitting in the luxuries of our house.

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