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There is no doubt that most of us get excited when we talk travel. One of the most exciting things in life is to visit places of interest along with the loved ones. Travelling takes away the stress that one goes through in a daily life. Of course, the area of interest changes from people to people some may choose to go to hills or mountains, other choose the sea side, other may choose nature as a priority while for some it is places of religious places that they sort out for. Talking about religious places, there are lots of places one can go in search of spirituality, and the one closest to Mumbai is Shirdi.

About Shirdi.

Shirdi is a place of worship for Saibaba and is located in Nashik. A six hours journey by road will take you to that place. People from far off places come to visit the temple. A lot of people from Mumbai also frequently visit this place. Looking at the popularity, the Indian railways introduced few trains which just cater to people who wish to visit Shirdi.


 Train from Mumbai to Shirdi Railways has always taken care that, when it comes to some specific area of interest or where people tend to go more, they introduce a train which generally make life easier for the general populace. Like in the case itself, we all know that they are many travelers to this place of Shirdi and hence the Indian railways have taken up the initiative and introduced a new train which starts from Mumbai and ends up at Shirdi. There are many trains which go via Shirdi, or may touch the out skirts of Shirdi but however there is one train which is specifically introduced with the idea of making reach people to this place of religious importance. The train name is Shirdi fast passenger and the train number is 1333. This train is so comfortable for people who want to reach Shirdi by early morning. It leaves Mumbai CST at 10:55 p.m in the night and reaches Shirdi at 10:55 a.m. it takes exactly 12 hours to reach the place and it has around 23 halts in between. This basically caters to all the people who like to take a night journey and reach the place early morning. The one train that has caught the popularity of the pilgrims is the Sainagar-Shirdi-Dadar train; this leaves Mumbai at 9:45 pm and reaches Shirdi at 3:55 am in the night. This is run on Monday, Wednesday and Saturdays and the returns are scheduled for Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. So for those who don’t wish to miss the morning worship hours this is the ideal time. There are other trains too which take less time than these ones, though they may not touch Shirdi exactly. They reach the outskirts of Shirdi, and then pilgrims have to travel approximately 50 Kms more to reach Shirdi.

Railways as usual have been efficient in setting up these trains for pilgrims, and yes it has been a huge success.

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