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The Journey of the Indian Railways began on 16th April 1853, marked by the launch of first train which was operated between Mumbai and Thane. It covered the distance of 21 miles in its first ever journey. Later on, the first passenger train became operational on 15th August, 1854 which ran between Howrah station and Hooghly covering a distance of 24 miles. Today, Indian Railways proudly boast of completing 150 glorious and remarkable years of providing services for the nation.

Indian RailwaysDuring its long and phenomenal journey of 150 years, Indian railways has witnessed  tremendous development in regards to its financial status, security, technology ,safety, projects, and above all  its rendering of quality service to the people. There were numerous initiatives the Rail ministry from time to time that has led to the growth of the Indian Railways like computer-based reservation system, IVRS or interactive voice response system, online reservation and usage of smart cards.

Indian Railways offers the convenient as well as cheapest mode of travel for people across the country. It has proved to be principal mode of transportation for passengers and freight in the country.  Indian Railways is regarded as one of the largest networks in the world spanning the distance of 63,221 km and also it is the largest employer in country that provides employment to 1.54 million people.

Indian Railways possess very efficient communication system between two stations.  It comprises of various types of accommodation classes including 1st class, 2nd class sleeper, AC 2tier, AC 3tier & chair car.

Indian RailwaysThe Indian railway operates about 11,000 trains daily including 7000 passenger trains. It has been divided into 9 different Zones including Eastern, Western, Central, Northern, Northeast Frontier, Southern, North Eastern, South Central & South Eastern spanning the largest route length of more than 63000 Kms across the length and breadth of Indian boundary.

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