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Indian Railways operates a range of superfast trains also in addition to regular trains. Initially the number of Indian Superfast Trains was limited to few dozens however it has increased to more than 200. Superfast trains usually operate faster than the other Mail / Express trains and registered the same distance in less time.

Indian Superfast TrainAs per the Indian Railways, the trains attaining the mean speed of 55 km an hour are termed as “Superfast Trains”.  The train numbers of Indian Superfast Trains begins with 2 in order to mark them as superfast trains. The charges of the superfast trains are higher as compared to the regular trains however  they effectively reduce the time taken to travel the same distance and thus worth the price.

There are mainly three types of Indian Superfast Trains including Rajdhani Expresses, Shatabdi and Jan Shatabdi Expresses and other Superfast Mails / Expresses.

Rajdhani and Shatabdi Expresses are the most prominent Indian Superfast Trains. They are all air-conditioned trains offering comfortable and plush journey to the passengers. Rajdhani express as the name suggests links the capital of the country with the different destinations across the nation. It is regarded as one of the fastest trains which register the maximum speed of about 140 km/h.Watch About Scout (2015) Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Shatabdi Expresses are the inter city air-conditioned trains that links the metro towns, significant cities and business centers of the nation. These trains comprise of seat accommodation only and they can register the maximum speed of 130 km/h.

Indian Superfast TrainsThere is a more luxurious version of Shatabdi trains known as “Swarna Shatabdi Express”.  Another variant is Jan Shatabdi Expresses which are economical and usually non-air conditioned train.  Apart from these trains, other trains do not fall into any category and are known as their names. The commercial speed of the train is calculated by dividing the total distance covered by total time taken.

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