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The International Trains from India chiefly links the neighboring countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Nepal. The commencement of international trains from India has its historical significance and plays an important role in the transportation of passengers and goods across the borders.

International Trains of Indian RailwaysInternational Trains to Bangladesh includes “Maitree Express” that operates from Kolkata in India to Dhaka in Bangladesh. This train reflects the true bond of camaraderie and brotherhood among the two countries. Maitree Express was inaugurated on 14th April 2008 and it is noteworthy that it is being managed by both the countries.

Both the Indian Railways and Bangladeshi Railways share the responsibility of proper management and services of this train alternately after every six months.  This train covers the distance of 538 km including a stretch of 418km in Bangladesh and a stretch of 120km in India. The train covers the border point route at Gede and Darshana and runs twice on Saturdays and Sundays.Roblox Hack No Survey No Download

International Trains to Pakistan include the”Samjhota Express” that operates along the route of Delhi Amritsar – Lahore. It is operated twice a week on Mondays & Thursdays.  The service of the “Samjhota Express” was inaugurated on 31 May 2007.

Another international train to Pakistan is the “Thar Express” which is operated along the route of Delhi Jodhpur – Karachi route. It was inaugurated on 17 February 2006. It connects Jodhpur in India with the Karachi in Pakistan via Munabao.

International Trains of Indian RailwaysTrains connecting to Nepal do not include any trains directly to Nepal however there are break journey which helps the passengers to reach Nepal effortlessly.  One can board the train to Gorakhpur from Delhi or Varanasi while traveling towards Nepal. One can further his journey from Gorakhpur to Nepal Border via bus or jeep ride.  Once at the Nepal border one can take up various buses plying to Kathmandu.

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