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IRCTC is offering the Loyalty program called as Shubh Yatra which is a scheme designed for frequent travelers.  One can get back up to 10% of one’s AC ticket fare as Railway Points. These points can be accumulated and if one has 500 Railway points then one can use these Railway points to get free tickets by logging at

The benefits of the Shubh Yatra Programme  are available only on those railway tickets booked at the IRCTC site ( These Railway points can be earned on few selected class of accommodation including AC Chair Car, 2nd Class AC, Executive Chair Car and 1st class AC only. They are not earned on AC 3 Tier tickets.

IRCTC Loyalty ProgramRailway Points under the Shubh Yatra programme, are only awarded for complete fare tickets and are not applicable for concessional tickets and one should be one of the passengers on ticket and earn Railway Points for individual fare only. These points will accrue to account 5 days after the date of journey.  Membership fees for first year are Rs 500 and annual renewal fees are Rs 300.Movie All Is Lost (2013)

One can earn the Railway Points based on the date of travel. Express Rewards includes earning of 4 railway points for every Rs 100 spent and it is valid only on those tickets with Date of Journey between April 1 to July 14 and September 16 to January 14. Super Fast Rewards includes earning of 10 Railway Points for every Rs. 100 spent and it is valid only on those tickets with Date of Journey between January 15 to March 31 and July 15 to September 15.

In order to redeem railway points, one needs to login to IRCTC website and pay for AC, AC Chair Car, AC II Tier and Executive Chair Car ticket via Railway Points at the payment gateway. One can start redeeming only after one accumulates a minimum of 500 Railway Points. Also one is required to be registered user of IRCTC website to apply for Shubh Yatra.

For details about Shubh Yatra, one may visit the following link.

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