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Technology has moved in a very first way, especially the last century the ways things have changed it has been mind boggling. Technology changed in the Railways sector too. It started off as steam engines, then now when most of the trains are running on electricity some of the countries have gone far ahead and have introduced Bullet trains. But there is something that has even beaten the bullet trains and that is known as the Maglev trains. Well what is Maglev train, where is it used, where was it originated we will read about more on the that below

Maglev Trains

Maglev Trains & Its Features Maglev Trains are short forms of Magnetic levitation; it is a mode of transportation where the power that propels the locomotives to move is magnets. These magnets are used for larger form of lifts and propulsion. Currently it is still on the beginning stages, but if the technology develops then this form of transport has the largest potential to be the fastest, quietest and the smoothest of all transport systems in comparison with any transport that is in place with wheels attached. If you take a look at the speed at which the Maglev runs, it can put the airways to shame, the maximum recorded speed of Maglev train is 581 Kmph and this record was set in Japan.


Maglev trains were introduced in the year 1984, in Birmingham England and were called as Maglev trains. The journey covered was between the Birmingham station and the airport; at that point it just started at a speed of 42 kmph. However, the operations for this city were closed down a good ten years after it was introduced. The reasons given were unreliable mode of transport. However it is being currently run on the Shanghai network in China. It achieves a speed close to 431 kmph and averages at around 250 kmph.

Some of the features of Maglev trains are:

Since these trains do not run on tracks put up by the conventional railways, it becomes necessary to make an infrastructure for the same. The infrastructure can cost a lot and hence there are many times when countries are apprehensive in investing in this.

As compared to the normal trains, a maglev train is comfortable than others as it is smoother and less noisy. It is elevated, using magnetic fields and there are not wheels attached to it, hence the ride is generally smooth and less noisy.

The cost required to build a maglev is very high as the whole infrastructure needs to be build up. The returns that you get once these trains start are very less as compared to that of the investment that has been done.

The Maglev trains are more efficient as compared to normal trains which run on wheels, as these do not have any form of physical contact with the track, they kind of don’t experience rolling resistance, thereby helping to increase the potential power efficiency.

So if you look at it Maglev trains have their own pros and cons, but as of now no heavy investments are allocated to these types of trains.

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