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A few decades ago, when the summer used to dawn on average middle class families, the biggest task was to get a holiday tickets done for the vacations. People used to stand in queues to get the tickets booked, and many a times which would mean coming a couple of hours before the reservation counter is thrown open. Gone are those days now, with the introduction of internet, booking tickets to any part of the country has become a relatively easier task.


There are few things that you need to decide before booking of the tickets namely the destination of travel and the date. Once you have decided on these two things, the search for the train and availability becomes an easier task. To make train ticket booking, Indian railways had come up with their website This will provide you with a comprehensive list of trains, the time taken, the distance covered, the fare and the stations in between the source and the arrival destination.

Signing up

Online Booking: Reservation Done Easy for Railways Once you have decided on the train, the class which you are planning to travel and the date, you need to click on the link internet reservation. This link will direct to another site This site will help you book your tickets online without any hassles. For someone who is trying to book it online first time, you may need to sign up at this site. This would require details like a username, password and few other personal details. It is always recommended to sign up as this username and password can be used for further bookings as well.Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

Online Reservation

Once you are through with signing up, you require clicking on “Plan my travel”. Once that is done, you need to specify the station code for the “from” and “to” destination. Station codes are generally available on double clicking the station details. Select the date and the type of ticket. The tickets are i-tickets, e-tickets and Tatkal. The difference between the three is in E-ticket, you get a print out of the ticket from the site itself. In I-ticket, the tickets are delivered at the address mentioned by you. And Tatkal is generally open to the public only two days before the actual journey. Ideally you can book tickets 90 days prior to the journey.

Booking tickets

Once the station, the date and the form of tickets are specified you are directed to another page which gives you the option of the trains and the seats available in each of the trains. Select the train, and click on book ticket. You will be directed to another page where in you will need to specify the names of the people who are planning the travel. Once done you will need to make the payment. Depending upon the current availability, your tickets will be booked. Once booked, all you need is the printout of the ticket and you are ready to Fist Fight film now

Travelling in India has its own charm and beauty, and when the journey is by train it become all the more enjoyable.

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