PNR Status

Passenger Current Status
Please enter 10 digit PNR Number, printed on the top left corner of your ticket.


Pnr Status



PNR status of the Indian Railway is the short form of Passenger Name Record. It is a unique ten digit number which is printed on the ticket at the top left hand corner.  In case of those passengers who have reserved their accommodation and like to know the status of their ticket, the PNR number needs to be quoted while making the enquiry.

PNR StatusPNR number acts as the primary reference basically and assists in finding and updating the status for reservation and confirmation of ticket. It serves as the database for Railway Reservation system. One can easily find out the confirmation status by mobile and landline phone.

PNR represents the Passenger Current Status and online PNR Status Enquiry is available only between 0500 hrs to 2300 hrs IST.  In order to offer faster service now onwards, Indian Railways has decided that PNR Status will be available only for those PNR’s for which date of journey lies within 10 days (inclusive of current day).  Therefore, one needs to provide the details of journey date along with the PNR number for getting the current status.

Indian Railways has offered the facility of providing the Train PNR Status on the mobile phones. This has led to great relief and comfort for the passengers.  To get the PNR Status over the mobile phone, one need to type in 10 digit PNR number printed on the ticket and sends it via SMS to 9773300000.

PNRIndian Railways has collaborated with Google to offer this facility. By merely messaging the PNR number through cell phone one gets the ticket’s current status in addition to all other journey related details. While sending the SMS to the number 9773300000, one should not prefix 0 or +91. Best part of this service is that one is required to pay the price of standard SMS only and no premium charge is charged to the passengers.

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