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Travelling has always been a joyous occasion for most of us. The more we travel, the more we see places, the more culture and heritage you draw in and the more informative you get in. Travel is the best way to get away from any kind of stress that you face in your mundane life. Some travel for leisure, while some for work and while some travel for functions and festivals. And most of us by now must have travelled via the Indian railways at least once in their life time.

Railways Reservation Forms Travelling by Indian railways has relatively become an easier job with the advent in the technology; you can sit in the luxuries of your house and gather all the information that is required for travelling. But however this technology is available only to a selected few, of course the number of such people is growing on a continuous pace but there is still a huge population of people who still has to get used to this information

Reservation Form.

The first thing that you need to do while opting for a travel is check for the reservation. As said before for people who have access to technology can use the website, but those who are not still accustomed to it, they need to fill in the reservation form. This form is typically called the reservation and the cancellation form as both of them can be done using the same form. Few details need to be filled in the form and this can be produced at the reservation counter for procuring tickets.

The first of the details that needs to be filled are, whether you are a medicinal practitioner and whether you are a senior citizen. The first is needed so that in case of any emergency you can contacted and the second is used for discounts to senior citizen.

The next details that you need to fill are more train related details like the Train no & the name, the date of Journey when you planning to make the travel, the class which you are planning to travel by, Seat and berth required – a minimum of only tickets can be booked at a given time. The station name for the source and the destination station, station where the boarding takes place and till where is the reservation required up to. Many a times the boarding station is different from the source destination that you have mentioned, hence you need to specify the boarding location.

Once the trains details are over, you need to mention the personal details like the name and the age of the passengers. Please note that per reservation forms one can only get tickets for 6 passengers. If there are children below the age of 5 then you will need to specify the details in the next column. You will need to write your name and address and further details if you wish for a return journey. Sign the reservation form and mention the telephone number, your reservation form is done and is ready for submission.

Though, this may require time it is definitely better than getting it done thorough touts and agents.

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