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As you know, Indian Railways started off in the year 1853 and since then has been growing in leaps and bounds. It reaches the most remote part of the country and for that there is a huge manpower required. Indian railways are probably the largest recruiter of people in India, with almost close to 1.5 million personnel working in it. This is not surprising as the requirement for people is always on the rise. One of the reasons, there has been no shortage of people willing to join the railways is because it is very secure, very satisfying and a recession proof. The growth prospects of the resources working in Indian railways are very high.

The process

Recruitment in Railways Indian railways are basically divided into different zones, and each of these zones has openings pertaining to its zone. The Zones are further divided into departments and divisions and each has specified technical and non technical roles available in each of their section. When we talk of technical requirements it would mean mechanical, civil, telecommunications or electrical engineers. While non technical roles mean more or less functional roles like accounts, HR & Personnel roles, finance related roles. They also require services for the defense forces called as the Railway protection force. The ranking of the railway personnel starts from Class D and the highest position is the class A personnel.


The recruitment for Class C and class D are generally through Railway Recruitment boards (RRB). The RRBs are again divided into 19 zones and their agenda to get the number of people to get the required essential for each of their Zones. This vacancy is open to most all the citizens of India; however they need to meet up with special qualifications and other mandatory requirements. The vacancies for these posts are generally put up in most of the leading newspapers in India. For Class B officers there is no general recruitment, they are generally promoted from smaller levels. However for the Class A employees there are extensive examinations conducted by the UPSC which stands for Union Public Service Commission.

The recruitment for jobs like Indian Railways Accounts service and the Indian Railway traffic service is conducted by the UPSC. The recruitment for engineers, Electrical engineers and Railways stores personnel are done with a combined Engineering service exam conducted by the railways. Apart from these there maximum recruitment comes through the special class Railway Apprentices exam which is conducted on an Annual basis.

Railway Recruitment Boards

The railways recruitment boards are set up in different Zones but the main task is to get the recruitments done and in a systematic and same process across Zones. The first exams that are done are generally written exam followed up by skill/aptitude exams. Once they are selected in all forms of exams/tests are then put into a process of background verifications where all the documents for of the candidate are checked upon. All the required documents like the academic certificates, Caste certificate if applicable are asked upon to the candidates. It is completely based on merit and happens in most of the zones when there is a need.

All that one needs to do to apply is be alert and check for details in the newspapers.

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