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Chakki Bank Railway Time Table, Chakki Bank Railway Station Code, Enquiry

Please find Route Map of trains to Chakki Bank along with Chakki Bank station location map. This list below presents trains that pass through Chakki Bank station. Click on any train to know more about it like its route, starting point. When it will reach Chakki Bank and when it will depart from Chakki Bank Railway Station, Day of arrival and departure. Hope this makes your travel easier.

List of Trains and Train Numbers From & To Chakki Bank Station : 71
Train CodeTrain NameArriavalDepartureStop timeDays of run
09022Jammu Tawi - Bandra (T.) (Weekly) SF Special11:0011:055 minThu
09021Mumbai Bandra (T.) - Jammu Tawi (Weekly) Special22:5322:552 minTue
04054Jammu Tawi-Anand Vihar Special19:3819:413 minMon Thu Sat
04053Anand Vihar T.-Jammu Tawi Special09:4009:433 minWed Fri Sun
12425Jammu Rajdhani Express03:3503:405 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12920Malwa Express10:4010:455 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
16031Andaman Express10:3510:4510 minMon Thu Fri
13151Kolkata Chitpur-JammuTawi Express05:4005:5010 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12471Mumbai Bandra (T.) - Jammu Tawi SF Swaraj Express12:3012:355 minMon Tue Fri Sat
11078Jhelum Express23:4523:505 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
14034Jammu Mail19:1319:152 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
11449Jabalpur-JammuTawi Express10:3510:4510 minWed
16787Tirunelveli-Jammu Tawi Express10:3510:4510 minTue Sat
15098Jammu-Barauni Amarnath Express00:2500:305 minWed
16032Andaman Express01:3501:405 minWed Sat Sun
12477Jamnagar - Jammu Tawi SF Sindhu Express12:3012:355 minWed
12355Archana Express08:1008:155 minWed Sun
12474Sarvodaya SF Express12:5513:005 minFri
54621Jalandhar Pathankot Passenger20:2820:335 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12237Varanasi-Jammu Tawi SF Express09:1509:205 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
15097Barauni-Jammu Amarnath Express10:1010:155 minSat
12472Jammu Tawi - Mumbai Bandra (T.) SF Swaraj Express12:5513:005 minWed Thu Sat Sun
12426Jammu Rajdhani Express21:2521:305 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
14033Jammu Mail06:2406:262 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
14609Hemkunt Express02:2002:255 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
16688Navyug Express01:3501:405 minFri
16688-SlipNavyug Express SlipSourceDestinationFri
19223Ahmedabad-Jammu Tawi Express14:4414:462 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12470Jammu Kanpur Express21:4521:505 minWed
12491Maurdhwaj Express09:4009:455 minMon
16687Navyug Express10:3510:4510 minTue
19108Udhampur-Ahmedabad Janmabhoomi Express00:0500:105 minTue
12475Hapa - Jammu Tawi Sarvodaya SF Express12:3012:355 minThu
12413Pooja express06:1006:155 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12478Jammu Tawi - Jamnagar (Weekly) Sindhu SF Express12:5513:005 minMon
04114Udhampur-Allahabad Special00:0500:105 minMon
12446Uttar Sampark Kranti Express22:2022:255 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12332Himgiri Express00:2500:305 minMon Tue Fri
12492Maur Dhwaj Express21:4521:505 minSat
12445Uttar Sampark Kranti Express04:2504:305 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12356Archana Express21:4521:505 minMon Thu
12331Himgiri Express10:1010:155 minWed Sat Sun
11450JammuTawi-Jabalpur Express01:3501:405 minThu
12476Jammu Tawi - Hapa Sarvodaya SF Express12:5513:005 minTue
13152JammuTawi-Kolkata Chitpur Express22:0022:055 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
19107Ahmedabad-Udhampur Janmabhoomi Express13:3013:355 minMon
16317Himsagar Express10:3510:4510 minSat
04113Allahabad-Udhampur Special11:3511:405 minSun
12238Jammu-Varanasi SF Express15:4015:455 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
14646Shalimar Express23:0023:055 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12587Amarnath Express10:1010:155 minTue
11077Jhelum Express06:5006:555 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
14610Hemkunt Express20:3020:355 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
15652Lohit Express00:2500:305 minThu
12473Sarvodaya SF Express12:3012:355 minSun
14645Shalimar Express03:0503:105 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12919Malwa Express13:5514:005 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
15653Amarnath Express10:1010:155 minThu
12207Kathgodam-Jammu Garib Rath Express07:3007:355 minWed
12549Durg-Jammu SF Express17:5017:555 minWed
15651Lohit Express10:1010:155 minTue
12414Pooja Express20:0020:055 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12469Kanpur Jammu Express09:4009:455 minThu
15654Jammu Guwahati Express00:2500:305 minSat
12208Jammu-Kathgodam Garib Rath Express01:2501:305 minMon
12588Amarnath Express00:2500:305 minSun
16318Himsagar Express01:3501:405 minTue
16318-SlipHimsagar Express SlipSourceDestinationTue
12550Jammu-Durg SF Express06:5006:555 minFri
19224JammuTawi-Ahmedabad Express11:2311:252 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
54622Pathankot Jalandhar Passenger08:2308:318 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun

Disclaimer : Please note the information about trains to & from Chakki Bank Station might change. The train timings, day of travel and other details might change. Please verify details about trains from Chakki Bank station master or Indian Railways Website.