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Surat Railway Time Table, Surat Railway Station Code, Enquiry

Please find Route Map of trains to Surat along with Surat station location map. This list below presents trains that pass through Surat station. Click on any train to know more about it like its route, starting point. When it will reach Surat and when it will depart from Surat Railway Station, Day of arrival and departure. Hope this makes your travel easier.

List of Trains and Train Numbers From & To Surat Station : 222
Train CodeTrain NameArriavalDepartureStop timeDays of run
04727Bikaner-Mumbai BandraT SF Special09:0009:055 minTue
04728Mumbai BandraT-Bikaner SF Special18:2518:305 minWed
09022Jammu Tawi - Bandra (T.) (Weekly) SF Special13:2213:253 minThu
09406Yeshwantpur-Ahmedabad Special11:2011:255 minTue
09405Ahmedabad Yesvantpur (Weekly) Special00:0100:087 minSun
09021Mumbai Bandra (T.) - Jammu Tawi (Weekly) Special20:4220:453 minTue
09222Secunderabad-Porbandar Weekly Special10:0510:1510 minThu
09221Porbandar Secunderabad Weekly Special14:2014:3010 minTue
09562Okha - Bandra Terminus Weekly Special01:2001:222 minWed
09561Bandra Terminus Okha Weekly Special04:5505:005 minThu
16531Garib Nawaz Express19:0519:1510 minTue
12834Howrah Ahmedabad Express09:0209:1210 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
19024Firozpur Mumbai Janata Express13:3513:405 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
11050Kolhapur-Ahmedabad Express03:5003:555 minSun
59049Valsad Viramgam Passenger07:5708:025 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
19109Gujarat Queen Express05:3805:435 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12971Bhavnagar Express01:3501:405 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12905Porbandar-Howrah SF Express19:3519:4510 minMon Thu Fri
19047Surat-Bhagalpur ExpressSource09:35Wed Sun
11096Ahimsa Express03:5003:555 minThu
19054Muzaffarpur Surat Express17:10DestinationMon
59037Virar Surat Passenger23:50DestinationMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12921Flying Rani Express22:35DestinationMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12471Mumbai Bandra (T.) - Jammu Tawi SF Swaraj Express11:4211:475 minMon Tue Fri Sat
14708Ranakpur Express19:5019:555 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
59460Veraval Mumbai Central Passenger Express02:3302:385 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12484Amritsar Kochuveli Express06:2506:305 minMon
29059Hapa InterCity ExpressSource13:35Tue
12972Bhavnagar Bandra Express06:0006:055 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12997Tirunelveli - Hapa (Biweekly) SF Express16:1716:203 minTue
59014Surat Passenger04:10DestinationMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
16508Bangalore Jodhpur Express03:1003:2010 minTue Thu
19144Lokshakti Express01:0501:105 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
19019Bandra T - Dehradun Express04:4004:455 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
59031Surat Bharuch PassengerSource18:35Mon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
19110Gujarat Queen Express22:5723:025 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12953MumbaiCentral-H Nizamuddin August Kranti Rajdhani Express20:5921:045 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12655Navjeevan Express10:2510:3510 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
59078Bhusaval-Surat Passenger09:55DestinationMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12995Bandra-Udaipur SF Express20:3020:355 minMon Thu Sat
12995-SlipBandra-Udaipur SF Express SlipSourceDestinationMon Thu Sat
59230Bhavnagar Botad Passenger07:40DestinationThu
59047Virar Surat Passenger13:00DestinationMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12936Surat Bandra InterCity ExpressSource16:10Mon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12584Puri-Valsad Weekly SF Express18:3518:405 minMon
12216Mumbai Bandra T. - Delhi Sarai Rohilla Garib Rath16:0316:063 minMon Wed Thu Sat
59077Surat-Bhusaval PassengerSource16:35Mon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
17038Bikaner-Secunderabad Express10:5011:0010 minMon Sat
16333Veraval Tiruvananthapuram Weekly Express15:3515:4510 minFri
12996Udaipur Bandra SF Express Slip10:0810:135 minWed Fri Sun
59076Surat Passenger19:5521:0065 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
59076-SlipBhusaval Surat Mumbai PassengerSourceDestinationMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
59032Bharuch Surat Passenger08:20DestinationMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12952Mumbai Rajdhani Express05:1105:143 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12901Gujarat Mail02:1002:155 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12955Mumbai-Jaipur SF Express22:4022:455 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
19025Surat Bhavnagar Express SlipSource05:30Thu
19025-SlipSurat Bhavnagar Express Slip SlipSourceDestination
11049Ahmedabad-Kolhapur Express00:0700:1710 minMon
12912Haridwar Valsad Superfast Express16:3516:405 minThu
19132Kutch Express07:0007:055 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
18405Puri Ahmedabad Express03:3703:425 minThu
12472Jammu Tawi - Mumbai Bandra (T.) SF Swaraj Express14:1014:155 minWed Thu Sat Sun
17203Bhavnagar(T)-Kakinada Town Express14:2014:3010 minSun
12946Tapti Ganga Express18:50DestinationMon Wed Thu Sat Sun
11089Jodhpur - Pune (Weekly) Express20:0020:1010 minWed
19017Saurashtra Janata Express22:0022:055 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
59441Mumbai Central-Ahmedabad Passenger06:0507:1570 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
59441-SlipAhmedabad Passenger SlipSourceDestinationMon Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
12490Dadar - Bikaner Express18:2518:305 minMon Thu
19114Vadodara Bhilad Express09:2509:305 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
19312Indore Pune Express00:0700:2013 minTue Fri Sat
59025Surat Amrawati Fast PassengerSource10:50Mon Fri
12990Ajmer-Dadar SF Express09:0009:055 minMon Thu Sat
22996Ajmer Bandra SF Express10:0810:135 minWed Fri Sun
12940Jaipur-Pune SF Express00:0700:1710 minWed Sun
19113Bhilad Vadodara Express18:0918:123 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12993Gandhidham - Puri (Weekly) SF Express08:2808:335 minSat
16126Jodhpur Chennai Express10:5011:0010 minTue
11090Pune - Jodhpur (Weekly) Express03:4003:455 minMon
12961Avantika Express23:0323:085 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
59440Ahmedabad Passenger06:4507:2035 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12960Bhuj-Dadar Bi-weekly SF Express08:2808:335 minTue Fri
19215Saurashtra Express14:1514:205 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12744Surat-Puri Weekly ExpressSource08:30Wed
16534Yesvantpur-Jodhpur Express03:1003:2010 minMon
16335Gandhidham Nagercoil Weekly Express15:3515:4510 minSat
59092Nandurbar Surat Passenger07:30DestinationMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
19053Surat Muzaffarpur ExpressSource05:30Sat
12954August Kranti Rajdhani Express06:1606:215 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
19048Bhagalpur Surat Express18:50DestinationTue Fri
19059Surat-Jamnagar InterCity ExpressSource13:35Mon Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
59442Ahmedabad Mumbai Central Passenger20:2521:0035 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
16532Garib Nawaz Express03:1003:2010 minSat
16506Bangalore Gandhidham Express03:1003:2010 minSun
12583Valsad-Puri SF Express20:4220:475 minFri
59051Surat Nandurbar PassengerSource18:30Mon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12956Jaipur-Mumbai SF Express03:4003:455 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
19708Aravalli Express02:2002:255 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12950Kavi Guru Express07:4507:505 minMon
12930Dahod Valsad InterCity Express19:4519:505 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
16505Gandhidham-Bangalore Express19:0519:1510 minWed
11095Ahimsa Express20:0020:1010 minFri
12479Suryanagari Express07:2807:335 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12980Jaipur - Mumbai Bandra (T.) (Triweekly) SF Express10:0810:135 minTue Thu Sat
11088Pune Veraval Express03:5003:555 minFri
12480Suryanagari Express17:2317:285 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12979Mumbai Bandra (T.) - Jaipur (Tri-weekly) SF Exp20:3020:355 minWed Fri Sun
16312Kochuveli-Bikaner Express02:4502:5510 minSun
11087Veraval Pune Express20:0020:1010 minSun
12922Flying Rani ExpressSource05:25Mon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
19006Saurashtra Mail02:3302:385 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
59009Virar Bharuch Shuttle09:1809:235 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12927Mumbai Central -Vadodara Express04:0304:052 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
19026Bhavnagar Surat (Slip) Express07:40DestinationThu
16614Coimbatore-Rajkot Express10:0510:1510 minFri
22926Paschim Express10:4010:455 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
19260Bhavnagar Kochuveli Express15:3515:4510 minMon
12903Golden Temple Mail01:0001:055 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12945Tapti Ganga ExpressSource09:35Mon Tue Thu Fri Sat
12911Valsad-Haridwar Exp16:4516:505 minWed
59010Bharuch Virar Passenger15:5516:2530 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12909Bandra Terminus- Hazrat Nizamuddin Garib Rath20:0420:073 minWed Fri Sun
16533Jodhpur-Yesvantpur Express19:0519:1510 minThu
12977Marusagar Express00:2000:255 minMon
12934Karnavati Express08:3608:415 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
19023Mumbai Firozpur Janata Express13:4213:497 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
16337Okha - Ernakulam (Biweekly) Express15:3515:4510 minTue Sun
19005Saurashtra Mail00:4200:475 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
19005-SlipSaurashtra MailSourceDestinationMon Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
18406Ahmedabad Puri Express22:0022:1010 minSat
59050Viramgam Valsad Passenger18:5018:555 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12904Golden Temple Mail01:3501:405 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12910H.Nizamuddin-Bandra Terminus Garib Rath Express04:4304:463 minMon Thu Sat
19116Sayaji Nagari Express09:4509:483 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12215Delhi Sarai Rohilla-Mumbai BandraT Garib Rath04:4304:463 minTue Fri Sun
12010Ahmedabad-Mumbai Central Shatabdi17:5518:027 minTue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12962Avantika Express02:1002:155 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
09001Mumbai Central - Ahmedabad SF Special03:2703:303 minMon Wed Fri
19012Gujarat Express11:2011:255 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
11453Prerna Express20:3020:4010 minMon Fri
19216Saurashtra Express12:3012:4010 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
16311Bikaner Kochuveli Express15:3515:4510 minWed
12951Mumbai Central-New Delhi Rajdhani Express19:3719:403 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
19066Jodhpur Bandra Express09:0009:055 minSun
16210Mysore-Ajmer Express03:1003:2010 minWed Fri
19115Sayaji Nagari Express19:0319:063 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
19065Bandra Jodhpur Express03:5003:555 minSat
22905Okha Howrah Triweekly SF Express19:3519:4510 minMon Thu Fri
12288Dehradun Kochuveli Express06:2506:305 minTue
12928Vadodara - Mumbai Central Express00:3500:372 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
19039Awadh Express03:0303:085 minTue Fri Sun
16338Ernakulam Okha (Bi-weekly) Express02:4502:5510 minThu Sat
19568Dwarka-Madurai Vivek Exp14:2014:3010 minSat
59013Bhusaval PassengerSource23:25Mon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
11091Bhuj - Pune (Weekly) Ahimsa Express20:0020:1010 minThu
59026Surat Fast Passenger21:15DestinationTue Sat
16501Ahmedabad Bangalore Express22:0022:1010 minWed
59439Ahmadabad Passenger20:4921:0920 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
19037Awadh Express03:0303:085 minMon Wed Thu Sat
59038Surat Virar PassengerSource04:20Mon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
16209Ajmer-Mysore Express19:0519:1510 minMon Sat
12978Marusagar Express00:0100:065 minSat
12933Karnavati Express17:3517:405 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
16613Rajkot-Coimbatore Express14:2014:3010 minMon
19143Lokshakti Express00:2700:325 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12939Pune-Jaipur SF Express23:2023:255 minMon Thu
12489Bikaner-Dadar Express08:2808:335 minWed Sun
16502Bangalore - Ahmedabad (Weekly) Express23:2023:255 minMon
19020Dehradun - Bandra Terminus Express22:3022:388 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12929Valsad Dahod InterCity Express08:2508:305 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
18402Okha Puri Weekly Express22:0022:1010 minThu
12843Puri Ahmedabad Superfast Express03:3703:425 minWed Fri Sat Sun
12959Dadar-Bhuj Bi-Weekly SF Express04:2004:255 minWed Sat
12998Hapa-Tirunelveli Express07:4007:433 minSat Sun
19018Saurashtra Janata Express01:0001:055 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
19567Madurai-Dwaraka Vivek Express12:1012:2010 minTue
12906Howrah-Porbandar SF Express04:5505:0510 minWed Sat Sun
12906-SlipHowrah-Porbandar SF Express SlipSourceDestinationWed Sat Sun
29060Surat InterCity Express14:55DestinationWed
17037Secunderabad-Bikaner Express21:1721:225 minWed Thu
19311Pune Indore Express23:2023:255 minWed Sat Sun
16507Jodhpur Bangalore Express19:0519:1510 minFri Sun
12989Dadar Ajmer Superfast Express18:2518:305 minTue Fri Sun
12656Navajivan Express15:0215:1210 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
17017Rajkot Secunderabad Express14:2014:3010 minTue Thu Fri
12743Puri-Surat Express03:20DestinationMon
16336Nagercoil-Gandhidham Express02:4502:5510 minWed
19259Kochuveli - Bhavnagar Express02:4502:5510 minFri
19011Gujarat Express10:2810:335 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
11454Prerna Express23:4523:505 minThu Sun
12287Kochuveli-Dehradun Weekly Express16:4016:455 minSat
17018Secunderabad - Rajkot Express10:0510:1510 minTue Sun
12833Ahmedabad Howrah Superfast Express03:5304:0310 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
19060Jamnagar-Surat InterCity Express14:55DestinationMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12925Paschim Express15:4215:475 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12925-SlipPaschim Express SlipSourceDestinationMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
09002Ahmedabad Mumbai Central Superfast Special01:1101:143 minTue Thu Sat
19038Awadh Express23:2523:305 minTue Thu Sat Sun
17204Kakinada Town- Bhavnagar Express10:0510:1510 minFri
19040Awadh Express23:2523:305 minMon Wed Fri
18401Puri - Okha (Weekly) Express23:4523:5510 minMon
19131Kutch Express21:4021:455 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12994Puri-Gandhidham Weekly SF Express03:3703:425 minTue
16733Rameswaram-Okha Express23:4523:5510 minSat
14707Ranakpur Express05:4005:5010 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12844Ahmedabad Puri Superfast Express22:0022:1010 minMon Tue Fri Sun
06501Yesvantpur - Ahmedabad Garib Rath Special12:1012:2010 minWed
11092Pune-Bhuj Ahimsa Express03:5003:555 minTue
16334Thiruvananthapuram Veraval (Weekly) Express02:4502:5510 minTue
59048Surat Virar PassengerSource18:20Mon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12949Kavi Guru Express20:0020:1010 minSat
12926Paschim Express10:4010:455 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12483Kochuveli-Amritsar Express16:4016:455 minThu
12935Bandra Surat InterCity Express11:10DestinationMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12009Mumbai-Ahmedabad Shatabdi Express09:4009:455 minTue Thu Fri Sat Sun
06502Ahmedabad -Yesvantpur Garib Rath Special00:4500:505 minThu
19707Aravalli Express01:2001:255 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
16734Okha-Rameswaram Express19:3519:4510 minWed
59075Bhusaval PassengerSource07:15Mon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
16125Chennai Jodhpur Express21:1721:225 minSun
12902Gujarat Mail02:0002:055 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun

Disclaimer : Please note the information about trains to & from Surat Station might change. The train timings, day of travel and other details might change. Please verify details about trains from Surat station master or Indian Railways Website.