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Tirunelveli Railway Time Table, Tirunelveli Railway Station Code, Enquiry

Please find Route Map of trains to Tirunelveli along with Tirunelveli station location map. This list below presents trains that pass through Tirunelveli station. Click on any train to know more about it like its route, starting point. When it will reach Tirunelveli and when it will depart from Tirunelveli Railway Station, Day of arrival and departure. Hope this makes your travel easier.

List of Trains and Train Numbers From & To Tirunelveli Station : 55
Train CodeTrain NameArriavalDepartureStop timeDays of run
56828Tirunelveli Tuticorin PassengerSource07:15Mon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
56700Madurai-Kollam Passenger02:2002:255 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
56321Kanyakumari Tirunelveli Passenger20:40DestinationMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
56320Coimbatore Nagercoil Passenger17:5018:0010 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
16610Coimbatore-Nagercoil Express05:0505:105 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12997Tirunelveli - Hapa (Biweekly) SF ExpressSource05:55Tue
16351Mumbai-Nagercoil (Via Tirupati) Express03:4003:455 minWed Sun
12633Chennai Egmore Kanyakumari Superfast Express04:4504:505 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12665Howrah-Kanyakumari Express09:3009:355 minTue
16787Tirunelveli-Jammu Tawi ExpressSource15:45Tue Sat
16339Mumbai CST-Nagercoil Express01:1501:205 minMon Thu Fri Sat
56766Tiruchendur Tirunelveli Passenger19:45DestinationMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
16788Tirunelveli Slip18:20DestinationMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
16127Chennai Egmore-Guruvayoor Express19:2519:305 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
56764Tiruchendur Tirunelveli Passenger17:45DestinationMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12666Kanyakumari-Howrah Express09:3009:4010 minSun
12787Bilaspur Tirunelveli SF Express05:05DestinationWed
12790Kanyakumari Rameswaram SF Express23:3023:355 minMon Wed Sat
56827Tuticorin Tirunelveli Passenger20:30DestinationMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
56763Tirunelveli Tiruchendur PassengerSource09:35Mon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12641Thirukkural Express20:5020:555 minThu
56701Madurai Passenger00:3500:405 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
16340Nagercoil-Mumbai CST Express08:3008:4010 minTue Thu Sat
16735Chendhur Express06:0506:105 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12667Chennai Egmore Nagercoil (Weekly) Superfast Expres06:2506:305 minFri
56319Nagercoil Coimbatore Passenger09:1009:2010 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
16352Nagercoil-Mumbai Balaji Express06:1506:205 minMon Fri
16537Bangalore-Nagercoil Weekly Express12:1012:155 minFri
12631Nellai Express08:30DestinationMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
56768Tiruchendur Tuticorin Passenger16:0516:2015 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
56825Erode Tirunelveli Passenger21:50DestinationMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12789Rameswaram Kanyakumari SF Express02:0002:055 minTue Fri Sun
12690Nagercoil Chennai Central (Weekly) Superfast Expre20:5020:555 minMon
56765Tirunelveli Tiruchendur PassengerSource18:15Mon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
56767Tuticorin Tiruchendur Passenger11:1011:155 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12642Thirukkural Superfast Express06:2506:305 minSun
16609Nagercoil-Coimbatore Express21:4021:455 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
56761Tirunelveli Tiruchendur PassengerSource07:00Mon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
56312Tirunelveli Nagercoil PassengerSource08:00Mon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
56762Tiruchendur Tirunelveli Passenger09:05DestinationMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12632Nellai Superfast ExpressSource18:50Mon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12634Kanyakumari-Chennai Egmore SF Express18:5519:005 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
56826Tirnunelveli Erode PassengerSource05:25Mon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
56821Mayiladuturai -Tirunelveli Passenger22:20DestinationMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12668Nagercoil Chennai Egmore Weekly Superfast Express18:1518:205 minSat
12998Hapa-Tirunelveli Express17:30DestinationSat Sun
12689Chennai Central Nagercoil Weekly Superfast Express09:3009:355 minSat
16723Anantapuri Express06:5507:005 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
16538Nagercoil-Bangalore Express13:5514:005 minSun
12788Tirunelveli Bilaspur SF ExpressSource01:00Mon
16736Chendhur Express21:1021:155 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
16128Guruvayur-Chennai Egmore Express07:4007:5010 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
16724Ananthapuri Express19:4019:5010 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun

Disclaimer : Please note the information about trains to & from Tirunelveli Station might change. The train timings, day of travel and other details might change. Please verify details about trains from Tirunelveli station master or Indian Railways Website.