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Vizianagaram Jn Railway Time Table, Vizianagaram Jn Railway Station Code, Enquiry

Please find Route Map of trains to Vizianagaram Jn along with Vizianagaram Jn station location map. This list below presents trains that pass through Vizianagaram Jn station. Click on any train to know more about it like its route, starting point. When it will reach Vizianagaram Jn and when it will depart from Vizianagaram Jn Railway Station, Day of arrival and departure. Hope this makes your travel easier.

List of Trains and Train Numbers From & To Vizianagaram Jn Station : 106
Train CodeTrain NameArriavalDepartureStop timeDays of run
08003Howrah - Mysore Special04:3004:322 minSat
08004Mysore - Howrah Special01:3501:405 minTue
08056Tirupati-Kolkata Shalimar Special10:3510:372 minSat
08055Shalimar-Tirupati Special03:4503:472 minFri
58529Durg Visakhapatnam Passenger10:0510:1510 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12510Guwahati - Bangalore City (Triweekly) SF Express14:0014:055 minMon Tue
16323Trivandrum Shalimar Biweekly Express00:2000:222 minFri Sun
08470Bangalore-Puri Garib Rath Special23:3023:355 minSun
58537Rayagada Vishakhapatnam Passenger13:1513:205 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12867Howrah-Puducherry Express11:4512:0015 minMon
22854Visakhapatnam-Shalimar Express14:5014:555 minThu
12254Anga Express11:4512:0015 minThu
18496Bhubaneswar-Rameswaram Weekly Express18:0018:055 minSat
18507Hirakud Express00:4500:505 minTue Fri Sat
12868Puducherry-Howrah (Aurobindo) Express09:2509:4015 minThu
18495Rameswaram-Bhubaneswar Express12:3512:5015 minMon
22856TirupatiSantragachi Superfast Express09:2509:4015 minTue
18047Amaravati Express11:4512:0015 minTue Fri Sun
57271Rayagada Passenger10:3010:355 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12582Bhubaneshwar-Pune Express03:4504:0015 minWed
12835Hatia-Yesvantpur Express08:3508:405 minMon Wed
58528Visakhapatnam Raipur Passenger04:1504:3015 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12660Shalimar-Nagercoil Gurudev Express13:0013:055 minThu
11020Konark Express21:1021:155 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
15227Yesvantpur-Muzaffarpur Weekly Express00:2000:222 minThu
12889Tatanagar-Yesvantpur SF Express08:3508:405 minSat
57272Rayagada Vijayawada Passenger18:3018:355 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12840Chennai-Howrah SF Mail14:1514:205 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
16309Ernakulam-Patna Express20:4020:422 minTue
22853Kolkata Shalimar-Visakhapatnam Superfast express06:5507:005 minWed
12830Bhubaneswar Chennai Superfast Express17:4017:455 minFri
18048Amaravati Express09:2509:4015 minMon Wed Fri Sat
18048-SlipAmaravati ExpressSourceDestinationMon Wed Fri Sat
12829Chennai Bhubaneswar SF Express11:4311:452 minSat
12515Tiruvananthapuram-Guwahati Express20:4020:422 minMon
16310Patna - Ernakulam Express13:0013:055 minFri Sat
18447Hirakhand Express02:1502:4025 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
18447-SlipHirakhand Express SlipSourceDestinationMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12898Bhubaneswar-Puducherry Superfast Express18:0018:055 minWed
17481Bilaspur-Tirupati Express22:0022:055 minWed Sun
17481-SlipBilaspur Manmad Express SlipSourceDestinationWed
12846Yesvantpur Bhubaneswar Express05:3505:405 minWed
12863Howrah-Yesvantapur Express09:1509:205 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
17015Visakha Express14:5014:555 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
16324Shalimar Tiruvananthapuram Express13:0013:055 minMon Wed
12516Guwahati-Tiruvananthapuram Express14:0014:055 minThu
17482Tirupati-Bilaspur Express06:0806:135 minMon Fri
58530Visakhapatnam Durg Passenger22:3022:4515 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
15902Dibrugarh-Yesvantpur Express14:0014:055 minSat
18463Prasanti Express11:4011:455 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
18645East Coast Express02:3002:355 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12581Pune Bhubaneshwar Express11:3011:355 minFri
13352Alappuzha(Allepey) -Dhanbad Express16:4216:475 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
13352-SlipAlappuzha Dhanbad Tatanagar Express SlipSourceDestinationMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
18189Tatanagar- Alappuzha (Alleppey) Express08:2508:4015 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12845Bhubaneswar Yesvantpur Express13:0013:055 minMon
12513Secunderabad - Guwahati (Weekly) SF Express20:4020:422 minMon
12836Yesvantpur-Hatia Express05:3505:405 minThu Sat
18464Prasanti Express14:3014:322 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12507Ernakulam Guwahati Superfast Express00:2000:222 minWed
12664Tiruchirappalli-Howrah Express13:0013:022 minWed Sat
12897Puducherry-Bhubaneswar Express12:3512:5015 minThu
08471Bhubaneswar - Tirupati Weekly Special17:3017:322 minSun
12514Guwahati-Secunderabad Express14:0014:055 minFri
17480Tirupati-Puri Express06:0806:135 minTue Thu Sat Sun
08472Tirupati - Bhubaneswar Weekly Special06:2006:222 minMon
12659Gurudev Express00:2000:222 minMon
12807Samata Express07:2507:305 minMon Wed Thu Fri Sun
18517Korba Visakhapatnam Express06:2506:3510 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
18411Bhubaneswar-Visakhapatnam Inter City Express13:3013:355 minMon Tue Thu Sat Sun
58538Visakhapatnam Rayagada Passenger07:5007:555 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12703Howrah - Secunderabad Falaknuma SF Express20:0020:055 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
18309Nagavali Express17:4017:455 minTue Sat
12663Howrah-Tiruchirappalli Express04:3004:322 minMon Fri
58525Palasa Visakhapatnam Passenger12:0013:45105 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
58527Raipur Vishakhapatnam Passenger19:0019:1010 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12808Samata Express17:0517:105 minTue Fri Sat Sun
22855Santragachi-Tirupati Superfast Express03:4504:0015 minMon
15901Yesvantpur-Dibrugarh Express00:2000:222 minTue
18646East Coast Express01:1001:122 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12508Guwahati-Ernakulam (Weekly) SF Express14:0014:055 minSat
11019Konark Express22:1022:155 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
18402Okha Puri Weekly Express03:2003:255 minThu
12843Puri Ahmedabad Superfast Express00:2000:4525 minWed Fri Sat Sun
17016Visakha Express08:4008:422 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12839Howrah Chennai Superfast Mail12:4212:475 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
18310Nagavali Express11:3311:385 minWed Sun
12704Falaknuma Express04:4804:502 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
18448Hirakhand Express01:0001:2525 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
13351Dhanbad-Alappuzha(Allepey) Express08:1508:205 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
18508Amritsar Visakhapatnam Triweekly Hirakud Express22:3022:355 minMon Thu Sun
12509BangaloreCity-Guwahati (Triweekly) SF Express20:4020:422 minThu Fri Sat
12864Yeswantapur-Howrah Express17:1017:122 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
15905Kanyakumari Dibrugarh Vivek Express01:2501:4015 minSun
18518Visakhapatnam-Korba Express21:0021:1010 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
15906Dibrugarh - Kanyakumari Vivek Express00:3000:4515 minSun
15228Muzaffarpur-Yesvantpur Weekly Express13:0013:055 minTue
18401Puri - Okha (Weekly) Express15:5015:555 minMon
17479Puri-Tirupati Express21:3021:355 minMon Tue Thu Fri Sat
17479-SlipPuri-Shirdi Express SlipSourceDestinationSat
18412Visakhapatnam-Bhubaneswar Inter City Express15:5516:005 minMon Tue Thu Sat Sun
12844Ahmedabad Puri Superfast Express01:3502:0025 minMon Tue Fri Sun
12890Yesvantpur-Tatanagar (Weekly) SF Express05:2505:4015 minTue
12755Sangrami SF Expres05:2505:4015 minFri
12756Sangrami Expres00:5501:1015 minSun
08469Puri-Bangalore weekly Garib Rath special21:2521:305 minSat
12253Anga Express09:2509:4015 minSun

Disclaimer : Please note the information about trains to & from Vizianagaram Jn Station might change. The train timings, day of travel and other details might change. Please verify details about trains from Vizianagaram Jn station master or Indian Railways Website.