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Speed has always thrilled mankind. Great things have been done for increasing speed everywhere. No wonder that formula 1 has so many takers. Talking about speed, people also want to travel fast. Many people do not like their travel time take much time, they want to reach the destination and spend quality time there. This has been taken into consideration and trains like Bullet trains have come into picture. When it comes to speed trains, the Eastern side of the world has been miles and leaps ahead of any other countries. The bullet trains were introduced in Japan and they were the fastest train for years to come but however now the fastest train is the MLX01, a Maglev train again introduced by Japan.

Fastest trains in the world

Super Fast Trains of the World One of the biggest advantage of super fast trains are reduces the journey time and specially if it caters to areas of business then a commoner can complete the business in couple of hours and return home on the same day itself. Some of the trains that ply on are faster than the aircrafts; they touch an average speed of 550 kmph.

The fastest train in the world comes from the heartland of China, named CRH2. This train is almost designed on the similar lines of a bullet trains or Shinkansen as it is popularly known.

The second fastest train also comes from the eastern side of the world, Taiwan. The Taiwan High speed rail is almost 335.50 kms long and it operates on the western coast of Taiwan. The operations for this train started only a few years back and travel all the way from Kaohsiung city to the capital Taipei.

The next fastest trains which run at a speed of 350 kmph is again from an eastern country, and this time it is Korea. It has a high speed technology which is based on the French model of TGV model. It is operated by Korean railways known as Korail. During the times of security and safety the speed of the train can be modulated upto 300 kmph. The maximum speed reached by this train is 354 kmph 6 years ago.

Shinkansen from Japan, the original bullet trains. It started of almost 5 decades back and is very popular amongst the Japanese and is well known in the world. it is a network of railways and connects all the major cities of Japan with each other. These are the oldest form of super fast that exists currently.

The next super fast trains comes from the Scandinavian nation of Spain, it is called as AVE. AVE stands for Alta Velocidad Espanalo, the meaning of which is high speed. The simpler meaning of this in Spanish also means a bird. This train like all the high speed trains connects the major cities of the country they are in. In this instance, most of the top cities of Spain are covered in this. It travels at a speed of 300 kmph.

So these are the top 5 fastest trains in the world. Indian also has the high speed trains like the Shatabdi but the speed of this does not average beyond 160 kmph. Talks for Bullet trains are on in India.

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