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East Coast Railway Reservation- East Coast Railway Booking, Fares, Enquiry

June 13th, 2009 Comments off

East Coast Railway Zone offers the facility of online reservation to its passengers where in they can book their tickets in advance for the various East Coast Railway Zone Reservationdestinations. In addition to the online railway reservation, passengers can book their tickets from various reservation offices of East Coast Railways and through various authorized travel agents.

Details of the reservation of trains plying through East Coast railway zone can be obtained by using the following phone numbers at the various stations of this zone.


Reservation Enquiry

Arr/Dep of trains


200131, 200132


136, 532233



610131, 610721


41039, 41042


24995, 26717


400621, 131, 522131







The Station Managers of the few significant stations have been granted exceptional discretionary powers to allow refund on tickets which remain unused from their stations where refund is not permitted at the station because the time limits of expiry as mentioned in the railways policy. Names of these stations include Berhampur, Bhadrak, Khurda Road,  Sambalpur, Cuttack, Bhubaneswar, Vishakapatnam, etc.

The East Central Railway has organized various Standard Circular Journey tickets. These standard circular journey tickets eradicate the trouble of purchasing fresh tickets at every point of the travel. One needs to select a tour and purchase ticket directly from the booking office at the various stations.

East Coast Railway Zone ReservationThe East Central railway offers various amenities for the passengers at the station including Medical Shop, Tourist Information Centre, STD/PCO booth, Computer Reservation Office, Retiring room, Waiting Room, Refreshment room including veg and Non Veg, Light refreshment stall and book stall.

Retiring Rooms and dormitories that includes both AC and Non AC are offered by the Easy coast Railways to its passengers which serve as the transit accommodation for them. However it is permitted for those who are holding suitable tickets for inward/outward journey.

East Coast Railway, East Coast Railway Reservation, Booking, Fares

June 4th, 2009 Comments off

East Coast Railway is an integrated and technological savvy railway zone of the Indian Railway. It became completely functional on 1st April, 2003. East Coast Railway has made impressive progress in such a short period of time and it has contributed significantly to the revenue generated. It is regarded as one of the advanced and prominent railway zone of the 16 zones of Indian Railways.

East Coast RailwayThe offices of East Coast Railway is headquartered at Bhubaneshwar in the state of Orissa and the geographical jurisdiction of this railway covers over three states including major parts of Orissa, parts of Visakhapatnam, Srikakulam and Vizainagaram districts of the North Eastern regions of Andhra Pradesh and Dantewada & Bastar districts of Chhatisgarh State.

East Coast Railway covers the regions with a extensive coastal line which are prosperous in mineral and other natural resources and provides a big boost to the industrial growth.  East Coast Railway is all set for performing a major role in completing the increased transport needs of this region which comprises of many mineral based industries, and chemical & fertilizer plants and mega steel plants.

East Coast Railway Zone is looking forward to various ambitious plans to increase and enhance rail capacity to key ports like, Paradeep, Visakhapatnam and Gopalpur and simultaneously improving their cargo handling facilities. In order to match with the projected growth of the industrial operations, numerous projects are under execution for developing the rail infrastructure.

East Coast RailwayEast Coast Railway is going to incorporate the E Working System in its operations. It is a web based utility for complete office automation of various functions of every department. This system will be planned to offer efficient electronic office management system.

This Railway zone has very ambitious plans for the future which includes Integration of Networks, establishment of Central Data Warehouse and development of the state of the art Campus network.

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