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Indian Railways Food, Food served by Indian Railways

June 4th, 2009 Comments off

Indian Railways offers the facilities of providing meals during the journey. Important trains on Indian Railways possess Pantry Car facilities which look after the catering needs of passengers.  In addition to this there are arrangements for food and beverages services from the station en-route.  Luxury and superfast trains like Rajdhani and Shatabdi trains serves breakfast, snacks and food.

Indian Railways FoodThere are apprehensions regarding the quality of food being served in Indian Railway. The quality of food is not up to the mark and there is dire need of improving the food services. Indian Railways is looking forward to improve the food quality and it has deployed private catering service providers to ensure quality food in some of the trains.

It is advisable that if a passenger is looking for long distance travelling that includes overnight journey then one should carry some snacks before one board the train. Lots of passengers prefer to carry their own tiffin with homemade food and boiled water to avoid eating the meals on the train. One can also rely on the packaged food from stations that include biscuits, fruit-cakes, unpeeled fruits, etc.  The quality of meals is not up to the mark however hot beverages like tea and coffee being served on trains are really good.

As per the recent announcement by the government, Indian Railways is going to launch special food outlets, known as Jan Ahar, in railway stations across the country. This initiative was taken to ensure the availability of food at reasonable prices. This service provided by the Railway Passenger Services Committee looks to offer the food at prices from Rs 10 to Rs 35 to the passengers.

Indian Railways FoodJan Ahar outlets will be run by IRCTC and not outsourced to private contractors.  The color combination of the outlet comprises of yellow and green colors in order to give vibrant and youthful look. Even the uniform of the waiters will also be in the yellow and green colors.

One may browse the following link for the details regarding the prices of food items served by Indian Railways.

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