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Irctc Train Timings

May 2nd, 2012 Comments off

Irctc Train Timings, Availibility, Schedule

The Indian Railways Website

Most of us in India, by now must have travelled by Indian railways at some point of time and most of them have come out of the journey with good memories. Traveling by using the Indian railways has its own charm and quiet a lot of people including the foreigners enjoy that and hence you will see lot of them still flocking back to the Great Indian Railways. And now with upgraded services like 24 hour customer call number, online reservations and booking there is nothing that railways needs to look back too, it is a winner all the way.

Online Sites

Irctc Train Timings Indian railways is owned by the Ministry of railways, a few years ago when technology was knocking at our doors, Indian railways also got up and got their act right. Close to a decade ago, Indian railways launched the site This site provided a comprehensive list of all the things that we wanted to know while we travelled. This site was like the Bible of Indian Railways, for any details pertaining to the railways you could easily go and check the details. Once this site was stabilized and popular, the developed a site which was meant only for booking tickets and promoting tourism. The site was India’s more than half the travel plan happens on this site. Both the sites have gained immense popularity and terrific usage.

There are lot of facilities that is provided by the irctc site and few of them that can be mentioned are checking of trains, booking of tickets, cancellation of tickets, monthly season pass and other things. One of the most necessary things to be done before you plan a journey is check on the train and the ticket availability. Both of these can be done on the For logging in to irctc, all you need is a username and password; this is a onetime activity and is recommended for people who travel a lot. Once the login is done, if you are interested in knowing the train timings, you need to click on plan my travel. On clicking on plan my travel, the site will then further display you details like the stations where the travel Is expected to take place, so mention the to and from station codes. Specify the date, type of ticket and the quota that you are planning to travel on. As soon as are through with typing in the details, click on go and you will see a list of trains appearing for that destination.

To get information on the travel time for each of the time, click on the name of the train itself – this will provide you with the list of stations and what time is the departure and the arrival of the train. A quick detail of departure and arrival will be given on the screen itself. However; if you need the complete detail, click on the train name. Once that is decided, you can actually go ahead and book the tickets on the same site.

Getting details of train timings on IRCTC is also an easy task, and all that is required is navigation skills.

Train Reservation: An Easy Way to Travel the County

January 1st, 2011 Comments off

We all know that as per statistics India stands as the 7th largest country in the world. To travel across the breadth and length of the country is difficult. The locations are remote, the terrain is difficult and to add to it the distance covered is long. However; thankfully to the reach of Indian railways this task has become possible.

Indian railways, as we all know are one of the largest in the world. All you need to travel using this complex system of railways is a train ticket. With this in our hand, you can almost conquer the remotest part of India. A couple of decades ago getting a train reservation would mean almost going through a sleepless night, but however now with the advancement of technology this can be gained with the click of the mouse .

Let’s go through the steps of train reservation:-

Train Reservation · For reservation the first task is to get the destination of travel. Then you need to get information on the trains travelling to that place. You can either get it at the booking counter or now the country is net savvy we can use the site This site is the Bible of the Indian railways and contains comprehensive list of the trains, the seats available, the route of the train and the fare charged for various classes of tickets. This site is very user friendly and would get you the necessary information required. This site will give you only the details that you need, to book a tickets there is another railway site

· To get your tickets booked, all the information that you need is the train that you are travelling in, the number of tickets required, the date on which the travel is expected and the class that you prefer to travel by. The class here would be typically chair car, sleeper class, Second AC and third AC. There are few trains which offer first class services.

· Once all the details are filled in the form given by the railways, all you need to do is present it at the booking counter. For all those trying to access this online one can fill in the same details in the IRCTC website and pay online.

· Depending upon the availability you will be placed in these categories namely Confirmed, RAC (Reservation against cancellation), W/L (waiting list). A unique number will be tagged in your ticket – PNR number and this will be used for any further queries by the passenger. If the tickets are confirmed the passenger can sit back and relax, while if it is an RAC or W/L the passenger may need to check the status before the date of travel.

· Beyond this, if a passenger has some immediate travel plans and there are no tickets available then he can use the Tatkal services. Here all you need to do is book the tickets just two days in advance. These are seats typically reserved for VIPs, army personnel which are then thrown open to public.

With these details one would really say that getting a train reservation has become really easy in India.

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