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PNR System, An Easy Way Out for Railways

January 3rd, 2011 Comments off

With the advent of technology, lots of things have been changing around us. Life is getting comfortable with things being available at the click of the mouse or just by dialing on the phone. So has life at Indian Railways, the long queues at the reservation counters are now done away with and are now available at the click of the mouse. Technology has also embraced the Indian railways in a big way. Sometimes, we may sit and wonder as to how the whole system works in Railways, as we are aware that at the same time, someone is doing the booking for the same train on the same date and class. Well the Indian Railways has very efficiently drawn up the system of PNR which stands for Passenger Name Record. Let’s get in detail to know more about PNR.

PNR System The minute you end up booking a ticket, a unique number is generated for each of the tickets that has been booked. The same number cannot be generated at some other counter, or through some other online sites. This number is useful for us to track the details of the tickets, to claim any refund from the railways. A search for this number at any of the railway site or railway counter will let you know the details like train used for traveling, date of travel and how many tickets have been booked under it. A maximum of only six tickets can be booked under a single PNR number.

PNR number forms a very important means for tracking the status of the ticket, if while booking the status comes across as W/L (Waiting List) or RAC (Reservation against Cancellation). If the status of the ticket is confirmed, then there is no need to track the PNR number. However when the travel date is nearing, and you need to know the status of the ticket, all you need to do is key in your PNR number on the Indian Railways site under the quick links “PNR Status” and get your status checked. This detail will keep you realistically updated about your travel plans. In case, the waiting list that you have received doesn’t seem to moving, then you can always look for alternative means of travel. One can either resort to traveling on some other date, or get a Tatkal done if the travel plans can’t be delayed then.

That was for Waiting list tickets; however PNR also helps in for tickets where the status is RAC. This is nothing but you get your tickets confirmed when anyone from the confirmed list cancels the tickets. The ideal time to check the RAC status is just 3 hours before the journey, when the charts are put. You can key in your PNR number on the Indian railways site or you can text across the PNR number over a mobile phone and get the details checked.

Thus you see, this ten digit number has been doing most of the work for railways. The whole system of railways is dependent on this single number.

PNR : Easy Way to Check Tickets

January 2nd, 2011 Comments off

Travelling in India has changed drastically. With the advancement of technology, life has become easier. Speed, luxury has now taken over the minds of the people. One of the best ways to travel across the length and the breadth of the country is through railways. Railways reach the remotest part of the country and now with improved services, laymen like us have little things to crib about. With internet revolution on the rise getting the tickets booked online has also become an easy task.

Booking tickets

PNR : Easy Way to Check Tickets Gone are the days, when booking tickets was a task that one would not want to indulge in, however now we can do it sitting at the convenience of our home and with just a mouse click. Tickets for railways can be booked through reservation counters spread across the country or through online booking. More and more people from big cities and towns are sticking to online booking as it is very convenient to do so. But have you ever wondered that in a country like India where population is so high how many people at the same time must be trying to get the tickets done for the same train at the same date. Perplexed right as to how the whole system works?


The whole system works on one magic term – PNR. PNR, the abbreviation stands for Passenger Name Record. Railways rely on this number big time; this is the unique code that is available on a every ticket. No two tickets can have the same PNR number and most of the railways work is done using the PNR number. The minute you book the ticket, be it online or at any reservation counter the ticket that is booked will have a specific number tagged to it. This number helps the passenger to connect with the railways in case of any dues and refunds.

How to check using PNR

Many a times when the tickets are booked, depending upon the availability of the tickets your status is decided. If there are already seats available then you have a confirmed ticket. However if your tickets are not confirmed and the status is RAC (Reservation against cancellation) or Waiting list, then the PNR will help you to track the current status of your ticket. For checking using PNR number, all you need to do is go to site and select on PNR status. Type in the PNR number and find out the current status. The status will be displayed on the screen. The most up to date information that you can get about the PNR is once the chart has been put up, that is exactly 3 hours before the train is scheduled to depart from the source station. With a PNR number, it is like searching your details amongst a lakh other people. Now a day, checking of ticket status is also possible by sending the PNR details using a mobile phone.

So if you look at it, the complex Indian railway system has become easier just with a help of a 10 digit number.

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