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PNR Status

May 2nd, 2012 Comments off

PNR status of the Indian Railway is the short form of Passenger Name Record. It is a unique ten digit number which is printed on the ticket at the top left hand corner.  In case of those passengers who have reserved their accommodation and like to know the status of their ticket, the PNR number needs to be quoted while making the enquiry.

PNR StatusPNR number acts as the primary reference basically and assists in finding and updating the status for reservation and confirmation of ticket. It serves as the database for Railway Reservation system. One can easily find out the confirmation status by mobile and landline phone.

PNR represents the Passenger Current Status and online PNR Status Enquiry is available only between 0500 hrs to 2300 hrs IST.  In order to offer faster service now onwards, Indian Railways has decided that PNR Status will be available only for those PNR’s for which date of journey lies within 10 days (inclusive of current day).  Therefore, one needs to provide the details of journey date along with the PNR number for getting the current status.

Indian Railways has offered the facility of providing the Train PNR Status on the mobile phones. This has led to great relief and comfort for the passengers.  To get the PNR Status over the mobile phone, one need to type in 10 digit PNR number printed on the ticket and sends it via SMS to 9773300000.

PNRIndian Railways has collaborated with Google to offer this facility. By merely messaging the PNR number through cell phone one gets the ticket’s current status in addition to all other journey related details. While sending the SMS to the number 9773300000, one should not prefix 0 or +91. Best part of this service is that one is required to pay the price of standard SMS only and no premium charge is charged to the passengers.

PNR Checking for Southern Railways

January 6th, 2011 Comments off

Southern railways are one of the oldest divisions for the Indian railways; they started close to 6 decades back. Since then there has been no turning back for the railways. One of the unique features of these railways is that the maximum revenue for the railways comes from people travelling instead of freight that most of the other railways get. Southern railways contribute close to 10% of the total people traveling using the Indian railways. The train reservation bookings are done exactly the same way as it is done for the rest of the railways.

PNR status for southern Railways

PNR which stands for Passenger name and record is one of the most commonly used term in the Railways sector. As soon as one books the ticket, he or she is allocated with a PNR number. The PNR number is a unique identity number associated with every ticket that is booked using the Indian railways. No two tickets can have the same PNR number. It is with the help of this PNR that the reservation of tickets in India is done without any complexity. To know about the PNR status on southern railway one can actually visit the southern railway site, this site will give you the most current updates happening on the Southern circuit.

Website navigation

PNR Checking for Southern Railways The Indian railways have a different site for southern railways; in fact very recently they changed the URL for the site. The current site for Southern railways is As soon as you enter the site, there are lots of options on the display page itself. You can actually navigate through the site for any details. Be it train information, train running information, seat availability and almost everything that you require.

To specifically get information about the PNR status, all you need to do is in the main page of the site itself; right at the bottom of the page you have the passenger inquiry section. In that there is a link called the PNR enquiry, this when clicked on opens another page and in that page, which looks very strikingly similar to the Indian railways site one can type in the ten digits, PNR number mentioned on the ticket. You will get to the status of your ticket.

The PNR information is generally required if your tickets booked are still shown as RAC or Waiting list. The PNR status will exactly show you, the current status of tickets, whether the tickets have moved further or has it got confirmed. Apart from that an easy way of getting to know your PNR status is through the link on the main page itself. Right at the left hand corner, a small text box requires you to fill in the PNR number. On typing the numbers, the details of it are displayed on the screen. This is a quick link and a much easier way of getting the inputs.

PNR number is an integral part of the Indian railways, without with it is almost like a dead system.

South East Central Railways, South East Central Railway Availability, PNR status, Tickets

July 20th, 2009 Comments off

South East Central Railway is distinguished and prominent major railway zone of Indian Railway. It is regarded as one of the youngest zones of Indian Railways. Headquarters of South East Central Railway is located at Bilaspur and it comprises of three divisional headquarters at Nagpur Division, Bilaspur division and Raipur Division.

South East Central RailwaySouth East Railway zone came into existence on 20th September, 1998, however it dedicated to cater to the requirements of the nation later on 5th April, 2003. South East Central Railway is the highly techno-savvy and advanced railway zone of the Indian Railway.  South East Central Railway is extended over the large parts of three Indian states including Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh.

South East Railway Zone handles huge passenger and freight traffic throughout the year. This zone has done a remarkable work in past few years and created a niche of its own with vast range of facilities like enhanced and technologically superior signaling system, neat and clean stations, electronic display, Automated teller Machines, etc.

South East Central Railway is blessed with various regions that are rich source of different minerals, products, and cement and food grain. Therefore freight traffic in this zone is always at its peak and registered impressive freight earnings.  Some of the famous goods which are transported of South East Central railway zone consist of coal, cement, pig iron, iron ore clinker, steel, ash, fertilizer and food grain.

Important stations coming under the jurisdiction of South East Central Railway Zone includes Balaghat, Nainpur,  Gondia,  Raigarh, Bilaspur, Champa, Raipur, Anupur  and Durg.

South East Central RailwaySouth East Central Railway provides state of the art services to cater to the requirements of the public in an effective fashion like Passenger service, Freight service, Safety and security, Medical services, Parcel service, Luggage service, Special trains and Vigilance service.

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