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Southern Railways: A Railway Initiative

January 6th, 2011 Comments off

We all have got our history lesson correct and we all know that the train services in India started almost 150 year ago. The distance travelled was between Thane to Mumbai, now when you look at the way the Railways has grown, you can only sit and marvel at this wonder. In 150 years, Indian railways have become the 4th largest network in the whole world. Imagine the reach of Indian railways. Not all that, there has been different zones that has been initiated in the railways itself and one of them being the Southern railways. Let’s read a little in detail about this zone of railways.

Origin of Southern Railway Zone.

Southern Railways If you look at the history of railways you will realize that, the Southern zone is one of the oldest networks started by the Indian railways after the formation of Independent India. This was initiated almost 6 decades back in 1951. This was created by merging three state run railways namely the Mysore state Railway, Madras and Southern Maharatta railway and the South Indian railway. All of these railways were functional during the British colonial times. Currently the headquarters of the Southern railways are in Chennai and it has 6 divisions under it. The divisions are Palakkad and Thiruvanthapuram in Kerala, Tirichirapalli, Chennai, Madurai and Salem in Tamil Nadu. Close to 500 million people use this route extensively. The uniqueness about this zone is that unlike most zones where the revenue is incurred maximum because of freight, here it is the travelling of people which rakes in the mullahs. The most profitable division under the Southern Railway zone are Chennai and Thiruvanthapuram, they get the maximum revenue.

The southern railways cater to the southern states and has a lot of development in terms of infrastructure, the facilities provided, the comfort provided. The profitable routes plying on the southern railways are Coimbatore to Thrissur to Ernakulam to Thiruvanthapuram, Chennai to Arrakonam to Katpadi to Salem to Erode to Coimbatore and Chennai to Villupuram to Tirichirapalli to Dindigul to Madurai to Tirunelveli to Nagercoil. This train extensively cover the most populated areas of Tamil Nadu and Kerala and hence the popularity of these Zones. There are lot of Other zones inclusive of the Southern Zones that ply to the four south Indian states. The southern railways comprises of two states of Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

Some of the stations in the southern railways can be easily termed as a heritage site, because they were made so earlier. Like for instance the Chennai Egmore station, was constructed way back in 1908 it still stands tall. On an average, according to the latest statistics from the southern railways, this zone accounts to nearly 10% of the total people travelling in the country and considering there are more than ten zones, this is definitely a huge number. Along with the railway facilities, they are very keen on developing this place as a tourist hub hence lot of constructive activities have been happening on that front too.

South Central Railway – South Central Railways PNR status, Availability, Ticket

July 17th, 2009 Comments off

The South Central Railway of Indian Railways is one of the 16 railway zones in India that is serving the south central region for past four decades.  Subsequently during these years South Central Railway has made a huge progress as it has grown into a advanced transportation network and its services has successfully met the aspirations of the passengers.

South Central RailwayThe South Central Railway was created on 2nd October, 1966 when it was incorporated as the ninth zone of Indian Railways. Headquarters of South Central Railway is located at Secunderabad and it is serving various Indian states including Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and some regions of Maharashtra.

South Central Railway has made a giant stride forward from days of steam engine and wooden seats to high-tech configuration along with Diesel and Electric engines, digital communication system and telescopic Passenger Coaches.

There are six South Central Railway Divisions including Secunderabad, Hyderabad, Guntur, Nanded,  Vijayawada and Guntakal. Some of the noteworthy and significant achievements of the South Central Railway include Computerized Passenger Reservation System facility in 85 stations, National Train Enquiry System for information on train movement, Close Circuit Television (CCTV) at important stations, Passenger Operated Enquiry Terminals and Inter-active Voice Response System for rail enquiry and Railway Reservation.

Major Milestones of South Central Railways comprises of the Electric Loco Shed at South Lallaguda having ability to uphold 100 Electric Locomotives, Andhra Pradesh Express was augmented to 24 coaches in 1995 and after that Charminar Express, Godavari Express, Pinakini Express and introduction of Mango Specials (Goods Trains with mango load) in 1996.

South Central RailwayIn 2002, the first station in South Central Railway that was commissioned with complete Light Emitting Diode (LED) lit CLS is Kovvur and Rajdhani (super fast) express between Secunderabad and New Delhi was introduced.  In November 2002, South Central Railway introduced first Diesel Engine with AC Cabin for Drivers.

There are various types of Trains operated under South Central Railway like Mail/Express Trains, Rajdhani Trains, Shatabdi Trains, etc.

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