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Tatkal Scheme: A Railway Triumph

January 2nd, 2011 Comments off

Irctc Tatkal : How To Make IRCTC Tatkal Reservation

Railways have always come up with some innovative ways to stay in the game of profit making and one of the trump cards was the Tatkal scheme.

Tatkal Scheme

Tatkal Scheme: A Railway Triumph To give some information about the scheme, the scheme was launched in Indian railways for the all the classes. This scheme has undergone quiet a lot of changes but at present, the number of days prior to which a Tatkal can be booked has been reduced from 5 days to 2 days. A master stroke as people who had some urgent requirements, plus all those folks who missed getting their tickets through normal reservation would queue up for this and get the tickets booked. Of course the cost of the same would be higher than the average travel cost. The way it is done is, there are already seats reserved for VIP and army men before the booking starts 90 days prior to the date of travel. These seats if not filled are then opened up to the general populace. The Tatkal seats which are still left vacant goes to the normal public who are waitlisted with original cost.

To book Tatkal via IRCTC.

Ticket booking in India for railways has gone through a massive change. People are making rampant use of technology for booking up the tickets. The same applies to the Tatkal scheme as well. For getting tickets booked online through Tatkal tickets, one needs to log on to IRCTC. If this is your first time on IRCTC, then would suggest you to create a login ID and password a day prior to the day of Tatkal booking. The Tatkal booking starts exactly at 8:00 am, two days prior to the day of the travelling. So if you have travel plans on 16th, then the Tatkal window for this date opens on 14th. After logging on the site, click on plan my travel. Put in the details of the station code for both source as well as end destination. If you are not aware of the station codes, you can get the same from the Indian railways site or double click on the station icon next to the place where the name is to be entered. Once done select the date and the type as Tatkal. Once the details are filled in a list of trains appear on the screen, select the train and the class options and click on book.


After you click on the book icon, the page will be directed to booking options. In this particular page you need to write in the name, age and berth preferences. Once that is done click on make payment. On clicking on make payment, you will be directed to a list of banks. You can select on your bank of convenience and make payment online. If this process is done within 15 minutes of logging in, the chances are high that you will get a confirmed ticket else it could be waiting list. Tatkal tickets get booked very fast, and hence you need to be on your system at 8:00 am to get a confirmed ticket.

Tatkal railway reservation

May 3rd, 2009 Comments off

TatKal Railway Reservation Scheme is a facility for emergency reservation in addition to the ordinary reservation. It can be made five days before the date of journey for those trains where it is admissible. These Tatkal reserved tickets cannot be cancelled or changed and additional fees need to be paid for it.

Indian RailwayTatkal Reservation bookings are permissible in all the classes excluding First AC and Executive class. However one cannot opt for Ladies and general quota along with Tatkal quota.  One can book the Tatkal reservation ticket over the internet.

In order to book online Tatkal reservation, one needs to select the Tatkal check box on the ‘Plan my travel’ page in addition to other details for reserving the Tatkal ticket.  However one need to ensure that Tatkal booking facility is available for the train one intends to use because the Tatkal quota is not available for certain tarins, class or locations.
There is no concession is permissible in Tatkal Booking. Extra charges for the Tatkal booking depend on the class of accommodation as well as the non peak and peak season. In case of trains and classes with mean utilization of 80% and more from April to September will be considered for uniform Tatkal charges as applied for the peak period.

Non peak season comprises of journey between 1st Feb. and 31st Mar and journey between 1st Aug. and 31st Aug.  Charges for 2 AC and 3 AC are Rs 200 and charges for AC CC and SL are Rs 75.

Peak season comprises of journey between 1st Apr. and 31st July as well as journey between 1st Sept. and 31st Jan. Charges for 2 AC and 3 AC are Rs 300 and charges for AC CC and SL are Rs 150.

Tatkal SchemeIn case of cancellation of Tatkal reservation tickets, a flat refund of 25% of total fare charged is granted and it excludes the Tatkal Charges.  Time limit for cancelling the Tatkal tickets is 24 hrs prior to the schedule departure of train.

In case, cancellation is done within 24 hours of scheduled departure of train, no refund is provided.  For waitlisted Tatkal ticket and contingent cancellation, the cancellations charges are applicable as per the existing Railway rules.

As per the Commercial Circular No. 27 of 2009, issued by Ministry of Railways, Government of India; the time limit has been reduced for Advance Resevation Period as applicable under Tatkal Scheme. It has been decided to decrease the Advance Reservation Period (ARP) from 05(five) days to 02 (two) days excluding the journey date under Tatkal Scheme w.e.f. 01.08.2009.

Tatkal reservation booking begins at 8 am on two days prior to actual date of journey and it excludes date of journey w.e.f. of 01-08-2009. For example in case a train leaving on 6th of any month, Tatkal Booking will open at 8 AM on 4th of that month.

In case of Tatkal Scheme, Identity proof is not a requisite to be produced by the passenger at the time of booking or during the travel. Time needed for the delivery of Tatkal tickets is the same as normal tickets and passengers seeking reservation needs to book their tickets two/three days in advance of journey date as to consider the time required for delivery.

Indian RailwayBooking of Tatkal tickets can be done only from source station to destination station. It can also be booked from remote station that possesses Tatkal quota to destination station having the facility of boarding from intermediate station.

In case of one needs to change the name on ticket, it is not permitted for bookings done under Tatkal scheme. The facility of Tatkal booking is available only till the time of preparation of charts. The time limit for the reason of yielding refunds & issuing TDRs for waitlisted tickets is same as applied for the refund of normal tickets.

Zonal railways have the rights of imposing restrictions on Tatkal booking considering the overall utilization of the available accommodation in the train. It may define the train as end-to-end or keep it free or impose distance restrictions etc

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