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Train Travel, Things to Know Before Train Travel

January 2nd, 2011 Comments off


Travelling is interesting, and will always be. Someone has rightly said that it is not the destination that is important; it is the journey that is more pleasurable. And what a pleasure it is to travel in Indian railways. Train travels are probably one of the easiest things, and there is nothing to be stressed about but however there are few things that you always need to keep in minds.

Points to be remembered before train travel.

Train Travel · Always get the tickets in advance, at least a month or two before the actual journey. This assures that the traveler will get a confirmed ticket. Before booking check for the most convenient train available and the time taken by the same. Once you get the train of your choice and the tickets status as confirmed, more than half of the worries are sorted out.

· Just in case, if the tickets have been booked late and is currently appearing as RAC (Reservation against cancellation) or Waiting list, you may need to do few checks before the actual travel. Check the status of the tickets and if the ticket waiting list doesn’t seem to be moving or changing then you may need to take a call for getting Tatkal tickets done. Tatkal tickets can be taken two days before the actual journey starts. At least the traveler can be assured of having a confirmed ticket. However; if the ticket has the status of RAC, then the railway authorities put up a chart exactly 3 hours before the scheduled departure for status of RAC tickets and details of the berth.

· That is with regards to ticket booking, the other things you can check before doing the booking is concessional rates. There are concessional rates that are applicable to school children, senior citizens, railway employees, defence personnel and others. A check of these can help you save a lot of cost in case of travelling.

· One of the most important things is, if the journeys are long and if there are no pantry cars available in the train that you booked your tickets then it is recommended that you carry enough food that can last you for the major part of the journey. This information can be actually gathered from people who have already traveled this route or making inquires at the source station.

· Always keep a copy of the train schedule with us while travelling, this information can really come handy, at least you get to know if the train is on time or not and when to expect your destination.

· Keep the tickets ready for the ticket collector to have a check. In case of e tickets, there needs to be copy of your identity proof without which the journey is considered to be equivalent to ticketless travel. Always remember that duplicate copies of your ID proof will not work, you will need to furnish with the originals.

As said earlier, if your tickets and your berth details are sorted out journey in Indian railways is like a piece of cake very easy to undertake.

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