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Travelling is a hobby which most of us love to do, and for some of them it is their job and passion. People travel for different reasons, it could be for business purpose, and leisure related travel, festival season and many more. And what it would make it more delightful is travel these places using the Indian Railways.

The Railways have grown a lot in the past few years, and they have actually improved the facilities in the train. New trains with better features are always introduced, the competition from other modes of transport have also started to bite them. So in order to keep up with the competition, the railways have started increasing their standards.

A few years ago, travelling using Indian railways was a cumbersome task, to know anything about the trains plying on different station one would need to visit the railway station, check at the reservation counter about the various options and then come back, discuss with the family look at the holiday options and then plan a travel to the desired designation.

Train Journey Planner However; that wasn’t enough to book the tickets you would have to stand in lines and lines of queue and then get the details. But thankfully in the past two decades or so after the advent of technology into every stream, railways were also not left behind and they started providing information on the internet, thereby easing the task of relatively huge number of travelers across the country.

Anyways talking about travelling in railways one always needs to be updated about the trains which go to the destination where they are likely to go. These details can be found on the website of Indian railways namely and The first site will give you details about everything that you want to about trains and the second site is instrumental in figuring out the bookings to be done for the railways.

For finding trains between two trains all you need to do is log on to the first site, select the link trains between two trains, write the station code for both the destination and there it is the page displayed will give you details of all the trains plying between both the stations. Similarly this can be done for fares too, all the details that you need is to click on fare enquiry. Specify the date, specify the age, specify the date you are planning to travel, and the details of the train along with the station names. Once you click on go, you will get the fare details for the necessary trains.

All the necessary details that you require for planning a journey, you can find it on the Indian railway site. The advantage of this is you can plan in journey well in advance and look at various options too. In fact if you are travelling in one single Zone as defined by the railways then this information can be gathered in the Zone specific Railways site. This will give you details of the local passenger trains plying on a shorter route, but however for booking a ticket for this you will need to access the irctc site.

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