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West Central Railway is one of the significant railway zones of the Indian Railways. The office of this railway zone is headquartered at Jabalpur and it is comprises of two divisional headquarters including Jabalpur Division and Bhopal Division.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

West Central RailwayInitially Jabalpur was part of the central Railway and Bhopal was under Kota Division. West Central Railway stretches in the West-East direction from Khandwa to Manikpur. It covers Bina in the North-South direction. In addition to handle increasing passenger traffic smoothly, West Central Railway is also prominent as a vital freight corridor.

West Central Railway zone is serving the 39 districts of Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh. The zone embraces 2911 kilometers of railway tracks involving 1328 kilometers of the electrified tracks. Chief tourist sites covered by West Central Railway zone comprises of Bird sanctuary of Bharatpur, The hill station of Panchmarhi and National Reserve Forests of Ranthambore, Bandhavgarh and Kanha-Kisli

Important railway stations belongs to the West Central Railway are Bhopal, Kota, Jabalpur, Ganjbasoda, Hoshangabad, Habibganj, Vidisha, Harda, Guna, Katni, Bharatpur, Itarsi, and Bina.  This zone West maintains excellent equilibrium of passenger and freight traffic.

Jabalpur Division covers region which have a large number cement plants and Satna-Rewa cluster is noteworthy for large scale cement shipment. In addition to cement other items which are frequently transported via Jabalpur and Bhopal division arelimestone, bauxite, LPG,dolomite, etc

Approximately 75 million passengers travel by western central railway every year which generates the passenger earnings of about Rs 386 crores for the railways.  The total annual earning of western central railway is Rs. 1269 crores considering the other coaching earnings like parcel traffic of Rs. 25.64 crores.

West Central RailwayWest Central Railway possesses two key marshalling yards at New Katni Junction and Itarsi Junction. It contains three electric loco sheds with a entire fleet of 349 electric locomotives. It also contains two diesel loco sheds with an entire fleet of 349 diesel locomotives. This is to ensure the smooth management of railway traffic along the western railways tracks.

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