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The Western Railway is one of the demanding and eventful networks of the 16 railways zones of India.  Headquarters of the Western Railway is situated in Mumbai at Churchgate and it comprises of six divisions including Bhavnagar, Mumbai, Ratlam, Rajkot, Vadodara and Ahmedabad.

Western RailwayThere are numerous major railway lines in Western Railways including Ratlam – Mumbai Central, Ahmedabad – Vadodara and Palanpur – Ahmedabad.  Presently it is serving the coastal Maharashtra, complete state of Gujarat, portions of Western Madhya Pradesh and the eastern portion of Rajasthan.

The Western Railways has been playing the vital role in the economy of India as it serves the western coast of India that possess numerous ports including Kandla, Porbandar, Okha, Bhavnagar in Gujarat and Mumbai in Maharashtra state.

The suburban section of Western Railway is truly remarkable as one of the highly crowded and busiest railway network. It is rightly termed as the lifeline of the Mumbai serving millions of passengers every day. Mumbai western local train stretches from Churchgate to Dahanu Road covering the distance of 120 km in between 38 stations

On November 5, 1951, the Western Railway of India was inaugurated. As a result of reorganization many state-owned railways were merged to create Western Railways.  It comprises of various state owned railways that like the Rajputana, Saurashtra and Jaipur railways,Bombay, Baroda and Central India Railway (BB&CI Railway).

Western RailwayIn 1928, the Western Railway introduced the first ever electric train connecting Churchgate to Borivali. Later on, many princely states were integrated in the Western Railway network and numerous railways operating in western Gujarat were amalgamated into Saurashtra Railway.

Ajmer and Jaipur divisions were part of the Western Railway however they were merged with North Western Railway in 2002. Also the Kota division of Western Railway joined with West Central Railway in April 2003.

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